Trends Kill You!! Before Follow It, Think Twice?


Today’s marketer creates a trend and pushed it in the young generation. They floating in the current situation and fall in danger. I will explain the most popular trends maybe already you follow those trends.

Why I will not follow Health trends?

Basically, marketers share health information based on individual people. All kinds of health information are not good for you. That’s why do not pick a health point and follow it without research and doctor advice. Like Keto diet is not good for a beginner but those people follow a normal diet and eat proper nutrition food that is an advanced diet program. In other words without a doctor consult do not follow the trend.

Kegel Exercise

Kegel Exercise is not only for women but also for men. Basically, this exercise is for those people who try to make the muscles of the pelvic floor stronger. This exercise reduces a huge change in your body. But this exercise is not a great deal for everyone. Sometimes people watch a video and make a decision and try to work exercise. After that, they face huge trouble in their body. Also, those people have pain in the pelvis or urinary who suffered more.

So, before making a decision consult with the doctor and follow this exercise with a professional trainer.

Keto Diet

Nowadays people like to follow the keto diet because in a short time people get success to reduce fat on their body. You can make a radical change in your body in a month. That’s why people try to like this diet too much. But that is not good for them. You need to continue keto diet food otherwise your body increases more fat. Although it’s not for a beginner those people who follow the normal diet these kinds of people get fabulous success.

So before following Keto Diet warm up your body and create a proper food chart with the nutritionist.

Diseases with vitamins

Sometimes doctors prescribed to take vitamins or multivitamin tablets for a short time. Without a doctor’s suggestion that can harm your body. In your body vitamin C in no shortage even after that, you take this medicine. This extra vitamins create stone on your kidney and also make long time disease.

That’s why you should take a natural green vegetable and without doctors’ suggestions do not eat vitamins.

Electric Cigarette

People believe that Electric Cigarette is less harm full than Regular Cigarettes. It is not their fault. Also, Electric cigarettes generate nicotine aerosol that is more harmful to the human body. This smoke damages oxidative stress and lungs also it populated our air. If anyone has been taking it for a long time, it can lead to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cancer.

Which of the trends are you not following? What other health trends do you believe are more dangerous?


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