Top Five Stupid Fitness Mistakes You Need To Avoid


Maintaining fitness is a big deal. In the mean time, you’ve to keep your focus straight so that no single mistake can hamper your fitness program. People generally make up their mind to do every kinds of workout chores in day 1. After two days, they neglect plan idly. Sometimes, they start doing workouts without warning up their body. Sometimes they don’t fuel up their body enough or become dehydrated. All of these things can make your fitness plan go in vein. So, here we have come with a list of a few mistakes which people usually make. Let’s take a look into the list and make ourselves careful…

Skipping Warm – Up

This is a common mistake done by the beginners. People often think it unnecessary. On the contrary, it is important before exercise because this helps prepare our muscle, heart and lungs for further physical activity. Also, warming up increases our blood circulation, temperature of our body and muscle which helps accelerate our speed, endurance and notion.

Dodging the pre warm up enhance the possibility of your getting injured. Compare your muscle tissues as rubber hands which become more elastic and flexible when it’s hot. Thus, warming up your body helps you go for further heavy exercises and prevent injuries. So, don’t make this mistake of skipping warm up from now.

Insufficient Foods And Fluids

Imagine, if a car is not fueled enough, how can it go for driving further? It’ll stop in the midway. In the same way, your body is just like the car. You need to fuel it with enough foods and liquids so that it can not get tired in mid work out session. For this, you should eat prior at least 45 minutes of exercise. This will provide you enough oxygen supply to your muscles and blood sugar for energy. The researchers prioritize to eat carbs and protein rich foods before training.

When you exercise, the temperature of several places of your body increases. This gives stress to body which can be eliminated by fluids. You need to be hydrated to remain fit in the entire fitness training session. Drink plenty of water, fruit juices and water rich foods like cucumbers, watermelon, tomatoes and so on. Stay hydrated, stay active.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

To make the full use of fitness routine, you need to get adequate sleep. A sound sleep of 6-8 hours helps recovery and muscles growth. This is equally necessary to strengthen your immune system and memory consolidation . So, sleep deprivation will cause to slow down your fitness maintenance and your goal. Thus, make sure to get a sound, proper, beautiful sleep.

Straining Yourself

Sometimes  people don’t give enough time and rest to their body to rejuvenate and recover. This puts negative impact on your fitness. You’ve to remember that you’re chasing your performance, not soreness. Do necessary exercises coping with your energy and stamina and also schedule recovery days also.

Avoid such silly mistakes and keep yourself fit.


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