Top Five Child Health Tips


It is a very common concern for parents to ensure good health of their children. In our hectic, busy schedule; we may not often take a good look into our children’s daily routine. But it is our foremost duty to make sure that our children can lead a healthy lifestyle.

Bring Varieties into Dishes for Picky Eaters

Sometimes toddlers do not want to have their meal. In such case, do not force them, this can go wrong. Rather, manipulate them to have a few first bites. Moreover, try to bring varieties into dishes. Usually maximum kids become picky eaters and they tend to dislike healthy food, specially  vegetables and fruits, much. For this, make those vegetables enticing with new cooking experiment which will attract kids to eat definitely.

Balanced Diet with Proper Nutrients

A perfect food chart can maintain good health of children, also, can make immune system strong. Parents should focus on whole, natural form of foods and avoid packaged, processed foods as much as possible. Make sure that all types of nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, calcium, fats, vitamins etc are present in main meal. Colorful and green vegetables and fruits boost child’s immunity. In case of fats, choose healthy fats which can be found from olive oils, avocado, nuts, seeds, various fatty fish etc.

Cut Down Several Unhealthy Items

To keep your child’s mood jolly and good, you’ve to ban a few things. Soda or sweetened drinks possess a higher risk of depression.  A research shows that only three teaspoons of sugar intake is perfect for kids. Instead of sugary or sweet dishes, make kids have dairy products or fruits.

Again, junk foods or canned foods are very detrimental to health. You must keep your kids away from them no matter how much lucrative those dish looks. Also, canned or processed foods contain a large amount of hidden sugar. This type of foods can increase the jeopardy of anxiety.

Bring Family Get Together over Mealtime

When all family members eat together, meal becomes enjoyable. This is a perfect way to make children or teen kids interested in homemade, healthy foods more than food of outside. A regular routine to have breakfast or lunch or dinner on a same time bring comfort within kids and this timing enhance their appetite for meals. This family get together is an ideal way to talk to your children without any kind of distraction of mobile or tab or  computer. Thus, in this way of social interaction over breakfast or dinner table can boost up kids mental health, also, reduce anxiety.

Ensure to Remain Hydrated

Fluids are important to keep our body fit to have every internal work active. Our vital body function like proper blood circulation, keeping blood glucose or blood sugar in control, food digestion, excretion etc needs a good amount of intake of water. Thus, make sure that your kids drink daily at least 8-10 glass of water. Also, fruit juice, milk etc can also be added up.


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