Top 10 Iconic Celebrity Outfits That are Highlighted in 2019


Nowadays, people are getting more and more conscious about the trend and fashion. Everyone wants to look perfect and stylish, so they are very careful about choosing their clothes. People follow the designers and celebrities for their iconic, amazing outfits because those dresses mainly control the trend and fashion.

Right now, I am going to tell you about the top 10 iconic celebrity outfits that they wore to different social events in 2019. Want to know? Keep reading —

Top 10 Iconic Celebrity Outfits of 2019 :

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez appeared at the Governor’s Ball in Hollywood in 2019. She attended the program wearing an amazing bright yellow shimmery dress. A large bow on the backside of the dress made it more stylish.

Eva Longoria

On the red carpet in Cannes, the actress appeared wearing an asymmetric dress. Her beautiful body was complimented by the gorgeous dress. The dress had a deep cleavage, which made the dress more noticeable.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is already well known for her uncommon, iconic, and unique outfits. This singer attended the Golden Globes wearing a light blue colored dress with a pair of fluffy sleeve. She also colored her hair sky blue to match with the dress.

Bella Thorne

On the red carpet on Venice Film Festival 2019, the singer and actress wore a semi-transparent scandalous dress that shocked the people. Deep cleavage of the dress and red lipstick made her fans insane.

Kendall Jenner

At the Vanity Fair Party, this supermodel worn a scandalous outfit, showing her legs. The jet black dress is looking great with the silver belly chain. It is said that this was the most revealing dress of 2019.

Emilia Clarke

At the Emmy Ceremony, the actress amazed everyone by wearing a long dress with a deep cleavage, which was also appreciated by paparazzi. After a few hours, her photo became viral. She gained attention with her gorgeous look.

Cardi B

At the Grammy Award Ceremony, this singer appeared wearing a peculiar seashell outfit. The upper part of the dress is semi-transparent, and the lower part can be considered as a black skirt. It took just a few moments to spread on the internet.

Ashley Graham

This model usually chooses bold dresses. At Variety’s Power of Women, she was present wearing a Matt yellow sleeveless short dress. Yellow high hill, yellow nail polish, and coat, along with the dress, made her more fashionable.


This singer attended the premiere of Queen & Slim, wearing a gorgeous black outfit from John Galliano. The outfit had a deep cleavage. The Jewelry, black handbag,  and dark lipstick made her very iconic.

Meriem Userli

The Turkish actress appeared with a semi-transparent dress in Cannes. She amazed the people by showing her beautiful legs. Her dress was scandalous enough to catch the eye of people, and the pictures became viral after sometimes.

Don’t forget to tell us which top 10 iconic celebrity outfits do you like the most.


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