Three Important Tips to Prevent Coronavirus


Even a few months ago, everything was quite normal as usual. We have not ever think for a moment that we would face such critical situation due to outbreak of a virus. The corona virus disease has made everything upside-down. Our only motto is to survive in this critical phase. Once we overcome the phase, we can make everything alright. This write up consists of some suggestions how to remain sound in this time.

Good Hygiene is Key to Preventing Coronavirus

Research shows that the affected people spread corona virus through droplets of sneezing or coughing or via contaminated surface. Hence, we need to wear masks and gloves when we go out and wash them properly after using them. Most importantly, hand washing with soap and water is the best way to stop getting close to such infectious virus.

It’ll be better to wash your hands frequently with soap and water including before and after eating and also after going to toilet. Make a habit of using alcohol based sanitizers after touching anything. Again, make disinfected those places or surfaces which are often used such as table, desk, switch, doorknobs, stairs etc. This also includes personal stuffs like phone, wallets, keyboard, keys and so on. Make sure to have your home neat and clean and importantly, disinfected.

Healthy Cooking and Proper Nutrients

।n this situation, buying and collecting fresh items of vegetables and fishes can be challenging. Because people can’t go to local market easily due to lockdown. Hence, storing foods is a good option. Whatever you buy, make sure that they are fresh. After returning home, wash all vegetables, fruits, meats or fishes properly. You can use salt water to wash. As you may not have fresh foods always, you can count on processed foods. But, take a look at the level before buying. Cause they may contain high saturated fats or sugar which are harmful for our health.

We need to strengthen our immune system  to fight with Covid 19 virus. For this, we should be careful about getting all types of important nutrients in our food chart. We should have necessary amount of fibers, lean proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, anti oxidants as our body needs. Try to have 180 gm of grains which includes in brown rice, oats, wheat, unprocessed maize, potato, yams and so on. Avoid processed meat which may contain high fats. Also, try to avoid sugar or salt as much as possible. Focus on vitamin C specially which boost our immune. You can get this from chilly, lemon etc.

Not to mention, water is important to regulate our body properly. It helps our blood circulation, regulates body temperature, gets us rid of wastes. You bound to have 8-10 glass of water daily. Fruit juice, milk etc also can be counted. But try to avoid much coffee or tea which contain caffeine.

Boost Up Your Immune System

Proper food chart can boost up immune system so quickly. Also, inclusion of the use of garlic, black pepper, ginger, turmeric, honey, pigmented fruits and vegetables in diet strengthen immune.


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