The Best Running Watches and Fitness Trackers For Women


Women often lose their track while doing workouts. You may lose interest if you don’t know your progress. For this, you need the best running watches and fitness trackers.

Because running watches will give you info of running time. Also, varieties of superb features are available there. Fitness trackers let you know how much calories you’ve burnt. You can improve your daily fitness activity keeping your track.

But there’s a problem. There is huge stock of running watches and fitness trackers. You’ll be confused to choose any.

Thus, we’ve made a simple list to help you. Let’s know details of them in this article.


Garmin Vivoactive 4S is a name of full package. You’ll find lots of fitness features in this watch. This watch will monitor your heart rate, hydration etc.

The Vivoactive comes with music storage, animation screen, GPS too. You can also do emailing with this. Doesn’t it sound cool?


This can be your perfect choice for any kind of workouts. Be it hiking, cycling, running or just casually. The Fenix 6S also has mapping and incident detection features.

Though it’s bulky, its features are impressive. Women can wear the Fenix which’s not big, nor small. They can set special workout program in Fenix also.


Won’t you want to grab this smallest fitness tracker? Garmin Vivosport is such a smart, lightweight, comfy tracker. Another plus point is that it’s waterproof.

Again, 24/7 heart monitoring is on. This tracker can track your stress along with GPS location. Also, the Vivosport tracker counts both outdoor and indoor activities.


Fitbit sense hits all public’s demand certainly. This tracker must be on the top of women’s choice. This tracks calorie burn, heart rate, step tracking etc. This tracker is worthy for daily usage too.

Women can also have menstrual cycle training by Fitbit Sense. In a word, this is the best for health tracking. It has features of music, mobile notification, wireless payment.


Are you searching a fitness tracker for swimming too? Such tracker that you can wear in pools? Then, take a look at Moov Now with long battery life.

This tracker counts your every steps or strokes while exercising. Though it doesn’t have any screen, it’s kinda your coach. You can have your fitness updates with its low price.


You may not find trackers with good features containing GPS. Germin Vivosmart 4 is one of them. It’s a lightweight, small smart watch or tracker. Looking cool in your wrist.

Mid aged women need this. Because it tracks abnormal heart rate along with regular rates. It can track your stress too.

Its new feature of pulse ox sensor is certainly cool.


The new Apple Watch Series 6 has some stunning updates. The most superb one is its blood oxygen monitor. It can play music for you.

Your cam text or talk with Siri without carrying phone. A little problem is its poor battery life.

Women should certainly try this Apple watch. Because it ensures your safety featuring SOS emergency. Doesn’t it sound cool?


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