The Best Fitness Retreats For Women Traveling Solo


Want to enjoy your fitness retreat all alone? Or, you don’t have any accompany traveling together fitness retreats? Hold on. You can relieve your stress without any worry.

We’ve collected details of best fitness retreats for women. Traveling solo is another kind of freedom. To enhance this enjoyment, you must give a glance. It doesn’t matter there of you’re social or not. You can also meet bunch of same minded people.

Let’s make sure of the safety, environment, conveniences of these places. We’ve arranged a list. You’ll gotta know the best fitness-retreats for women traveling solo.

YogaRosa Ibiza: Spain

Do you want a calm, serene place for your meditation?  Then, you can travel to YogaRosa Ibiza for fitness retreat. From the wooden gate to yoga-shala, you’ll be welcomed cordially.

Their healing, fitness retreat will make your more functional. You’ll enjoy your morning yoga, nutritious meal, clean guesthouse. A perfect fitness retreat spot to travel solo indeed!

The beautiful scenery of YogaRoza will surely amaze you. This perfect-atmosphere is where you want to do your workouts .

Kamalaya – Thailand

Kamalaya – a name of luxurious fitness retreat with great facilities. Women who travel solo can enjoy Kamalaya’s best spa. This ancient Buddhist monk will help you spiritually by fitness-retreats.

Eye catchy hillside rooms, their wellness programme, superfood buffet! Again, cool breeze of nature or amazing sea views! Also, professional help for your body treatment! – These are all along wholesome for your solo fitness retreat.

Chiva Som – Thailand

We’ve bring another fabulous fitness retreat for solo women-traveller. Chiva Som is a beachside resort. The entire atmosphere is super classy. Also, Chiva Som contains fitness facilities including spa, physiotherapy etc.

Chiva Som also ensures full safety of its guest. The humble behavior of stuffs will impress you surely. Fitness retreats services are simply awesome.

To focus your healthy lifestyle, you can solo travel here. Many women has mentioned its spa service as strongly recommended. The entire place of Chiva-Som is friendly for your solo-holiday.

Las Olas Surf Safari

Haven’t you heard the name of very first surf safari for women? Not to mention, this place is Las Olas Surf Safari. Women who travel solo can spend their holiday here.

Certified yoga-instructor assist you in morning yoga, stretching, relaxing. The waves’ sound and sea breeze will surely comfort you. Alongside, its remarkable retreat is surfing.

Don’t you wanna give yourself retreat with surfing in the sea? Then, pack your bag for Las Olas Surf Safaro.

Lake Austin Spa Resort

Lake Austin Spa Resort offers you everything you’ve dreamt of. Solo women traveler can pay visit to this outstanding lake-location. You’ll have varieties of spa and saloon options.

Luxurious room, three swimming pool, restaurants and what not! Again, yoga, fitness classes, lectures – all will be worthwhile. It can the best place for fitness retreat. Specially, women, who love to travel solo, should book this.

Check out all of those five best fitness retreats. Pack your bag to travel all alone. Enjoy your own accompany there.


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