The 10 Best Celebrity Bangs In Hollywood


The Hollywood fans must notice every single details of the celebrities – from head to toe. The media also look for publishing any tiny news of their nail paint or gorgeous look of new haircut. Not to mention, the celebrity’s style is what people love to follow.

When you love to follow celebrities and afraid of having bangs – come in! Take a deeper look. There are hundreds of examples where celebrities have their stylish bangs cut.

Certainly, we can consider bangs as a timeless haircut trend. From a few decades ago to our present Hollywood, we can see a huge number of stars enhancing their beauty with their bangs.

We have combined a few names which will give you courage to have bangs on your hair. Let’s jump on the list without further ado.

Zooey Deschanel

Do you remember that sweet girl from “500 Days of Summer”? That sweety is none other than Zooey Deschanel. If you love to follow her, you surely will love her brownish – black hair with bangs over her forehead. Along with bangs, her blue eyes look more mysterious, don’t they?

Emma Stone

Emma Stone is a name of big – blue eyes owner and many men’s crush due to her outstanding performance in “La La Land”. This Spider – Man’s lady has made her face shape look perfect with her bangs. Her long bangs must be your demand now, right?

Lady Gaga

Lady gaga has always been in the limelight for her weird activities. But her bangs precisely suited her much. Her white bangs became a symbol of her new stylish look. A calm “A – shape” work with her hair with elegance, isn’t it?


Madonna can be another inspiration to have bangs. Such blonde hair with swiping bangs over forehead fulfilled the entire confident look. Bangs also make you appear much younger than your age. It’s your time now.

Nicole Richie

You’ll surely be impressed by Nicole Richie’s blonde, wavy bangs. This bang gave her such a fresh, glamorous look! Blonde bangs got matched up with her light brown eyes also. Further, Richie looked so cheery and youthful due to her new bangs’ haircut all on a sudden.

Taylor Swift

Have you noticed Swift’s transformative look after getting bangs? Come on! Get a new outlook for yourself without fearing scissors to get bangs. Surely, you can pull off her hairstyle by yourself also.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has proved her new look with bangs effortlessly cool and simply got a vibe like retro doll. Short bangs over her forehead in her whitish hair seems to be people’s next demand in hair saloons.

Michelle Obama

Among all of these celebrities, we love this former first lady a bit extra for her bold and kind personality. It seems like her new bangs has gone perfectly along with her strong persona. Obama also talked about this mentioning Michelle’s bangs as a significant event of the week!

Kelly Rowland

Kelly proved that you can simply get a bang whether you have curly or semi curly or straight hair. Her cheery smile along with her bangs got herself in a new outlook.

Alexa Chung

Alexa has made a good deal with her bangs with her own style. Those who have textured wavy hair like Alexa can make her as their role model to get a bang.

Make your bangs and simply rock on!


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