Sustainable Fashion : Clothing From Wastages


The fashion industry has taken new motto to make our earth better and our fashion eco friendly. For this, they proposed to work on sustainable fashion. In the 21st century, we really need this. We have to ensure using all of our wastages which can be recycled. This process help to cut down cost of the companies and also reduce our loss product and pollution. Some big brands have started to make clothing recycling our used products. In some big fashion shows, these are presented achieving lots of admiration of people. Let’s jump into some example of these…

Paper Clothing

Have you ever wondered that you can use paper for only in the education sector but also in the apparel sector? Now, paper clothing has become a new sensation for the fashion enthusiastic people. The features of paper clothing are much eye attractive and gives an enthusiastic look with vibrant colors and various design and art on it.

Mainly it was invented as a short lived item in the United States in the time of 1960-1970. Companies such as Abraham, I. Magnin, Straus started produced paper clothing in that time falling in the height of public demand. Paper clothing can be women dresses, bridal gowns, men’s vests, bikinis and such many kinds of apparels. After so many years, now it has created its craze again in fashion lovers mind.

Clothing Out Of Plastic

We know that plastic is on top of the list of non biodegradable product. It is one of the most dangerous culprit of our environment pollution. Researcher says that all plastics which are made still exists in the world. They just break into small pieces with trash and mixed up finally in the ocean. Thus, it destroys the eco system. What if we use this plastics and turn them into gorgeous clothing with different design and colors and looks?

Yes! With the help of new recycling technology, we can make plastics derive into polyester, nylon, lycra etc. soft, eco friendly thread. Finally, plastic wastages turn into exclusive clothing and accessories.

Bamboo in Clothing

To cross your imagination, fashion industry transform bamboo into some crazy clothing. Manufactures mix bamboo with cotton, hemp, lycra to have soft, silky and luxurious touch. Fashion crazes of bamboo clothing, bamboo sheets, bamboo covers, bamboo towels increases day by day due to its aesthetic look and UV protective nature. In the fashion world, bamboo textile has made its own place with its elegance and beauty of nature.

Fish Skin Fashion

Welcome to another wonderful transformation of wastages into fashionable garments! Our fashion designer and influencer has been thinking out of the box from a long time and fish skin fashion is one of the beautiful outcome of this. Did you ever think for a once fish skin can be turned into our any use? Specially clothing? Here you go.. To give you a vibe of serene, calm sea; fish skin clothing are here.


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