Style Tips Every Girl Should Know


Great style is an equivocal concept that sits deep within us. However, the puzzlement is writ large on some of our faces the moment we are pressed with the question ‘What is great style?’ Style is a phenomenon of wonder that epitomizes the preponderance of charisma and confidence one can carry in their own skin. Style is all about pulling yourself with élan among the masses. Today we have rounded up some of the best style and fashion tips for you to take cue from and compliment your notion of style adding grandeur to your fashion statements.

Outfit fitting-The Rival of style

Learning to tell if an outfit is fitting you the way it is supposed to, will eventually do wonder to your looks. Proper fit is fairly a mechanical concept of style which gauges if the garment is performing with precision. Illuminate your closet with pieces that perfectly adorn your body to allow you deliver stellar looks persistently.

Determine Your Body Silhouette

A lady should never let her distinctive style go in vain. For generations, fashion required a slender build but with a generous bosom and a narrow waist but now the barriers are broken! To strike the absolute fashion balance one needs to be conversant with their body silhouette which is basically their body shape. There are 5 universal body structures to label a female body with. You can either fit in any one of these 5 or be a combination of two groups. Once you have unearthed the mystery of your body shape styling according to that is a doodle because your body is the canvas and you my dear friend, is the artist!

Tailor, when in doubt

Shopping is always a hectic dash when you have signature styles that adheres to your personal aesthetics. Touring from vendors to vendors is an epic scavenger hunt full of thrilling feat and poignant defeat. At the end of the day, when you are unable to reward yourself with the perfect attire, tailoring showers mercy. Procure yourself with an exquisite fabric of your choice and watch your tailor magically contrive a lowly bolt fabric into a crowning glory.

Wheel of Colors- The ultimate game changer

The art of color is ubiquitous. The color wheel may appear as a rock from the outside but is treasure within! Being able to marry the color in your outfit not only appeals your whole look also adds more detail and symmetry. Gear yourself with the color-tools to play-around with your signature shade and flutter hearts.

Accessories are not ‘Accessories’

Accessories are remedies to the monotonous outfits. We, the regular girls mostly follow the frugal way of stretching wardrobe by allowing classic pieces in our closets that can be glammed on different destinations and climates. To facilitate your style quotient, make sure that accessories are no more the afterthought. Punctuate your outfit with sexy stilettoes, vintage belts, long chains that threads your endearing charm or a clutch for the day. See yourself, the transforming potency is irrefutable.

Now you are all set to beautify the serenity of your each and every outfit bearing these tricks in mind. Get gorgeous!


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