Six Of The Best Celebrity Lip Sync Battles On The Internet


Lip Sync Battles – a name of people’s emotion, excitement, thrill and joy. You must have heard the name of Lip Sync Battles. In case you’re really into celebrity and music, I bet you do not miss any single episode.

This American music reality show has earned its own place in people’s heart. This show has been rocking since April 02, 2015. This is basically a lip sync competition of renowned celebrities.

In each episode, there happens battle of lip sync between two celebrities. The interesting part of this competition is that the audience choose the winner. Without further ado, I’m here to sum up a list of six best lip sync celebrities. Let’s jump into the list.

Dwayne Johnson

One of the amazing lip sync battle which will never get old is Dwayne Johnson’s “Shake It Off”. In that episode, Dwayne Johnson really gave a neck to neck competition with Jimmy Fallon.

Our rock star, Dwayne Johnson, literally killed the program with his rocking performance. He performed Taylor “Tay Tay” Swift’s “Shake It Off” so smoothly! As expected, he managed to win the championship belt defeating Jimmy’s “Jump in The Line”.

Anne Hathaway

Anne’s championship was not really any surprise for the audience. This Oscar winning actress and America’s all-time favorite theatre kid is a bomb herself. So, it was quite obvious that she was going to give a tough fight to Emily Blunt.

Not to mention, her mind-blowing performance was Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball”. Undoubtedly, winning this famous lip sync battle put more limelight into her. That’s really awesome, right?

Tom Holland

If you have missed this outstanding performance of Tom Holland, you should regret. Because Tom Holland just blew the stage with the fire of his marvelous performance. He put his best efforts to portray his skills giving a superb performance. And it was Rihanna’s hit “Umbrella”. The spider-man just nailed the show.

Joseph Gordon – Levitt

This comedy start perfectly knows how to dominate stage with his own magic.  Profoundly, the 32 years old star took the night on another level by his outstanding moves and lip sync. Joseph took Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” to an utmost rendition of its music video.

Not to mention, Stephen Merchant also gave a strong fight that night. We can consider him a strong competitor although Joseph won the battle.

Gregg Sulkin

Gregg Sulkin’s “MilkShake” was an epic performance in the history of Lip Sync Battle. These 23 years old celebrity rocked the stage of LSB with a long curly haired wig. Actually, this star knew the appeal of the audience.

That’s why he was able to bring hit with Kelis’s super hit “Milkshake”. Undoubtedly the audience made him the winner of the battle for his fiery performance.

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick’s “Booty” has been one of the best lip sync battle on the internet. Battle 1 happened Anna Kendrick’s “Steal My Girl” vs John Krasinski’s “Bye Bye Bye”. In the 1st battle, John was the winner.

But Anna Kendrick rocked the floor in the 2nd battle. The audience gave their decision to the perfect one in the battle of John Krasinski’s “Proud Mary” vs Anna Kendrick’s “Booty”. It does not require to mention how breathtakingly beautiful the performance was!


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