Six Coolest Fashion Trends In 2020


Year by year, fashion trends change with the flow of time. People who are concerned of fashion always want to know about the latest trends and leave no stone unturned to try those trends on them. In the fashion world, such trends come and vanish also so smoothly. Some are admirable and cool. Some are awkward but people love to follow them to also being inspired from celebrities or model. Let’s take a peek of this year’s some awesome fashion trends which have shaken the fashion world.

Oversized Apparels and Big Sleeves

A little back ago, the fashion industry was going after tight, skinny garments. Body hugging gown, muscle hugging shirts, tight jeans were so common. Bidding this trend bye, now this is the time of oversized clothes. This is now this year’s biggest trend. Specially oversized victorian sleeves seem to be favorite of celebrities. This pours a vintage ’80s look with a vibe of slimmer waist. Old trends came back in such a beautiful way.

Shoes Over Pants

If you have to hide the beauty of versatility of straps of your strappy heels under your long or baggy pants, it makes no point of wearing those heels with straps. Now, time has changed. Women wrap their straps of heels around the bottom of their trouser or jeans or pants. This is shown for the first time in Copenhagen Fashion Week of 2020. This is certainly a classic, new, shoe trend which women can follow in anywhere.

Bucket Hats

For hat lovers, there are so many aesthetic types of hats. Recently, in the area of hats, bucket hats are prevailing their victory. In addition to save yourself from the sun rays as well as bringing a stylist look, bucket hat is the perfect trend. This trend rose up really fast with a ’90s vibe. This aesthetic look can match up with any outfit in any season of the year. So, what are you waiting for? Try this timeless trend of any shades with any outfit now!

Leather Jumpsuits and Boilersuits

Haven’t you already try faux leather jumpsuits or boilersuits? Then, you are not paying enough attention.  The fashion industry has new cringe of these leather jumpsuits and boilersuits. This unique design of one piece act as an entire outfit of one garment. Certainly this looks versatile and seems to be complete with boots or strap heels. Rock the world with your own jumpsuit.

Chunky Sneakers

In this year of 2020, the fashion industry introduces us sustainability in fashion in order to make our world a little better. Influenced by this concept, the retailers has started releasing remixed and elevated chunky shoes trend. Pair it with aesthetic combat boots and rock your style.

Oversized Gold Chain Necklace

Jewelry freak women surely will not miss this trend to try on. No matter where you’re going, you can put two or more gold chain on your neck for a gorgeous look. You won’t need any other accessories.


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