Most Stylish Female Celebrities of all time


How much time have you invested this morning in front of your closet drowned in the insignificant issue named “I have nothing to wear!”. An average mind, might get a sense frivolity out of the statement but it surely is a radical issue to people whose wardrobe exudes sense of poise. Our fashion sense gets more entrance when it is taken after the most stylish women in the world. Today we have enlisted the Top 5 most fashionable celebrities of all time whose style statement precedes their celebrity repute.

Audrey Hepburn

The name itself made every onlooker gape with her beauty and sartorial choice! Up till today Hepburn is worshipped as the classic icon of fashion who liked to keep her style minimal and low maintenance. What this lady wore half-centuries ago is still considered as staple in fashion. From Collared Shirt to Trench Coat, be it Cropped Trousers or Gingham pants Hepburn’s impeccable fashion sense and radiant personality has made her an awe-inspiring icon for eternity.

Grace Kelly

Willing to recreate the most memorable fashion trends via your own wardrobe? That certainly requires bringing the classic Grace Kelly mania to the fore. This icy blonde may be the princess of Monaco but is still the goddess of cinematic style. Her personal ensemble always carried the ambience of the casual-cool look with simple separates like basic cardigans, oxford shirts and sleeveless mock turtlenecks and plain pants jeweled with pair of pearls. Her notable love for the Hermès bag later earned it the crown of Kelly Bag, is still regarded as a vintage piece of art.

Monica Bellucci

Beside beating the fierce competition from her own contemporaries, this Italian actress has managed to charm us with her beauty and appealing style statements. Over the years, she has ornated her style with more mature and less-revealing hint. She prefers black over everything which can either be dress, suit or blouse with a skirt. Also, her arsenal comprises neutral colored tight-fitting silhouettes that earns an au courant twist with massive jewelry and her valiant attitude.

Jennifer Lopez

Our listicle about Who has the best style in the world will remain incomplete without the mention of this dignified fashionista Jennifer Lopez. That slender frame, hovering height along with the tan skin and brunette hair oozes chic no matter what ensemble she carries. Feminine-floral or daunting-urban looks, J.Lo can dramatize any given attire with her bronzed look and nude lips. The confidence with which she paints herself is a mesmerizing art but not impossible for you to attain.

Sienna Miller

Rain or shine, this British muse of style always ignites a trend and make people fall slave of it. Heading for grocery shopping or dressing to land a job there is always a ‘Sienna Miller look’ to steal and embellish yourself with. Sienna combines latest trends and classic statements only to merge the two to create her own fashion quotient. Accentuate your physique with any outfit from your closet with edge and bohemian stroke. Bring out your features with subtle makeup and hairstyle, just the way Sienna graces it.


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