Mental Health: The Eight Most Common Mental Disorders


You can’t ignore the soundness of your mind. Your mental health is as significant as physical health. But we face some mental illness which can be called mental disorders as well. Only taking proper steps can improve a person’s endangered mental health.

Such mental disorders aren’t related to your genes. This can grow from your surrounding, specific trauma incident, person’s activities and such on. Sometimes mental disorders can be so intense that people’s daily activities get affected.

To avoid such severe result, we need to acknowledge first. Thus, we’ve made a list of 8 most common mental disorders. Check this out if you have any of them.

Bipolar Disorders

Bipolar disorder is a kind of mental illness. People with bipolar disorder go through phase of mania and depression continuously. Also, they don’t feel connected with anything.

Nothing seems interesting to such patients. They feel empty and valueless. If you see this signs in yourself, seek help from professionals.

Anxiety Disorders

You may have noticed some people do worry or anxiety much. It goes on such level that these make them hard to breathe, stay still, eat or sleep. Such people have anxiety disorders.

People with anxiety disorders feel continuous fear, anxiety, such disturbances. Several phobia are also in this list. Such as – fear of heights, fear of insects etc. Anxiety disorder can imbalance regular activities.

Disruptive Disorders

Disruptive disorders are those where the person can’t control temper or anger. People with disruptive disorders usually go hostile with others.

Their frequent temper loss, arguments, not obeying rules, hurting people etc are common symptoms. Their genes, environment, physical risk factors cause this disorder.


Schizophrenia is a chronic mental illness. This is a long-term sickness. Unfortunately, there’s no cure of this.

Patients of schizophrenia loses their memory gradually. Also, they may have delusion, hallucination, loss of concentration etc.

Stress Related Disorders

Any traumatic incident or accident cause people’s stress disorders. Acute stress disorders, post traumatic disorders, adjustment disorders etc are also in this group.

Irritation, anger, anxiety, fear, worry, having negative thoughts are its symptoms. They may get triggered with their same traumatic incidents.

Eating Disorders

People with eating disorders have bizarre eating habit. Either they tend to eat excessively or they don’t like to eat at all.

This result obese, weight loss or excessive weight gain, unhealthy lifestyle.  Counseling, medication, proper food habit can cure this disorder.

Dissociative Disorders

Dissociative disorders can be dangerous for your personality. This is mental or psychological disorder. Such patients feel detachment, loss of memory. Even they struggle to connect with their identity, behavior, emotions, memory etc.

Childhood trauma can be a big reason for this. Such patient with dissociative disorders has a tendency of suicide also. This can be a life taking disorder too!

Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorder is also a stressful disorder. This disorder includes narcolepsy, insomnia, hyper somnolence, parasomnia etc.

Pensive woman stying sleepless at night

People with sleep disorder may face deprivation of sleep. Again, they may feel sleepiness despite of having adequate sleep. Also, some may face sleep walking, sleep talking while sleeping.


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