Lipstick Shades To Represent Your Moods


How to disclose about the emotional roller-coaster we girls ride every single day without letting someone ask about it, in this socially awkward world? Seems like we have a solution right here to simplify your problems. Why not wear our moods on our lips! Let colors do the generous assessments to rescue us from these daily doses of exasperating questions. Lipsticks possesses the metamorphic ability of bending any look we hanker after. At the end of the day, we can hunt two birds with one stone. Keep scrolling to know more about revealing our emotions on lips with some of the best shades of lipstick that compliments both your skin and looks.

The “Don’t Care” Whispers With Red

Since the dawn of time, red has been radiating power and self-assurance. According to the color wheel, Red produces the most dynamic shades and all of them triggers both shielding and opposing emotions at the same time. To take authority of daunting tasks by dragging yourself out of the cocoon of fake comfort with wit and audacity, Red hues possibly have no substitutes! Kick a red lipstick more frequently since history commensurate it with a shot of espresso.

Fill The Lack Of Adventure With Pink

Grow out of your silly fairy-tale and join a pompous parade of charm and energy. Play with more hot pink, punch, magenta and fuchsia colors to let the world know that you don’t fear living your own fortune. Let passion and creativity shine out of your every pore with various shades of pink lipsticks.

Nudes For Nature

Watch the sun bidding goodbye while your way back from work. For a moment, drown all your stress and relish the vital tonic nature has to offer. Wear some nude shades like: Taupe, mauve, Sand and brown to revive your connections with nature. Sometimes considering the “Barely-There” look can enhance your spirituality and help you discover new aspects of life.

Get Sensuous With Wine

Lips are one of those physical attributes that is directly linked to seduction. Staining those lips with shades of wine will work as a cherry on the cake. These tempting shades are enticing in every sense of word. Strike your sexy avatar with such unusual shades only to introduce the world with your veneer of wildness. Show that you can start out naïve but can spin into risqué!

Bloom The Gloom With Purple

Color evokes different emotions. When colors like red and pink stimulates optimism and inner-peace, purple hails extravagance. Wearing something tumultuous like purple can sound scary but this not so popular color has recently extrapolated a trend in the industry of beauty. To effortlessly remodel your beauty statements, replace classic reds with edgy purple. Promote your sense of creativity with the layers of purple on your lips.

Once you throw the right splashes of colors on your lips that tags an end on the terror of bad a day.


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