How To Tell If You’re In A Toxic Relationship


Being in a relationship with a good partner is amazing. The beauty of a relationship depends on efforts of both. But, sometimes, things can go wrong. You mayn’t realize that you’re actually in a toxic relationship.

In starting of a relationship, everything goes smooth and easy. But you may realize harsh sides later. You’re trying to continue a discussion but get failed. You’re still unhappy while being with your partner. This can be a part of toxic relationship.

But, we need to be happy instead unhappy in relationship. Thus, you need to know the signs of toxic relationship. So, we’re trying to enlighten you in this article. Let’s find out if you’re in a toxic relationship.

Controlling Behavior

If you’re in toxic relationship, you’re familiar with controlling behavior. Your partner will try to control you. Such people tries to make everything according to their wish.

They’ll dominate over you. A toxic partner doesn’t allow exploring anything on your own. So, controlling behavior is the first sign of toxic relationship.

Poor Listening Skills

A healthy relationship builds on communication. And, listening is also part of communication just like talks. In toxic relationship, this special thing remains missing.

Your toxic partner doesn’t want to listen to you properly. As a result, s/he won’t know how’re you feeling. However, toxicity can start from poor listening too.

Hostile Atmosphere

Are feeling hostile atmosphere all time around with your partner? Do your partner hit you? Then, there’s no doubt that your relationship is toxic.

No lovely partner will hit you. Also, this is very offensive to be hostile. If your partner creates hostile atmosphere, leave this toxic partner.

Disrespect You

A toxic partner will disrespect you. Also, s/he will make fun of you. A toxic partner won’t value your efforts at anything. Neither of your achievements.

You can realize that you’re in a toxic relationship. Because there’re no mutual respect to each other.

Excess Jealousy

Jealousy is sweet in a relationship. But when this crosses its limit, jealousy becomes toxicity. Excess jealousy is common in a toxic relationship.

Your toxic partner will react over talking to any person. S/he may become suspicious due to your messages or calls. And this’s absolutely absurd.

 So, recognize this sign of your toxic relationship.

Insufficient Support

In a relationship, both should support each other. Again, this support has to be in good and bad. In a toxic relationship, your partner will give you insufficient support.

Also, they don’t always have to be present physically. A good partner will support you emotionally by any means. So, check out insufficient support as a sign of toxic relationship.

Emotionally Unstable

If you’re in a toxic relationship, you’ll find this sign. Your toxic partner may easily get offended. Also, s/he can’t control their anger easily.

Again, they may blame you for all of these. Then, it’s common seeing their victim play role. It’s a common sign of your being in toxic relationship.

If you’re in an unhappy relationship, find out its cause. Probably, yours one is a toxic relationship. So, check out and get out of your toxic relationship.


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