How To Start Weight Training For Women


Weight lifting is the best workout to keep your fitness. It works faster than any other exercises. Yet, maximum women fear to start weight lifting. It’s very uncommon to see women lifting weight in gym.

Some women think that they’ll get bulky body. Some may not possess the confidence to start. Again, some women don’t know the right process of weight training.

On the contrary, weight-training is the best for losing weight. Also, gaining muscle masses or keeping yourself in shape. In this article, we’re trying to help you out starting weight-training. So, let’s go ahead further –

Step 1: Arrange Your Home Gym

The first thing you need to do is arranging home-gym. Leave a separate room only for workouts. Equip the room with necessary workout items. This includes dumbbells to yoga mat – everything.

You can arrange your home gym according to budget. It depends on the trainings you want to proceed too. Make everything suitable of weight training. You also should take in mind your comfort arrangements.

Step 2: Do Proper Warm-up

The second important work is proper warm-up. Before starting weight training, prepare your muscles. A proper warm-up is essential. Because it decreases the chances of injuries.

Warm-up increases blood flow and heart rate slowly. Also, it loosens up muscle’s tissues.  Thus, muscles’ flexibility enhances. Women can get assured of proper weight-training without injuries.

Step 3: Start With Your Bodyweight

Starting with your bodyweight can be a great start. Women who want to start weight-training can try this first. You can try lifting your-weight in home hanging from anything.

Start with bodyweight is a cool starting. Women can start this before trying dumbbells or workout machines. It’ll be helpful for beginner women starting without external weights.

Step 4: Invest In Some Equipment

Beginner women may want to add weights in their equipment. They should be careful of choosing equipment. There are thousands of weight-training equipment. But you need to choose the necessary ones at beginner-level.

For example – women can buy dumbbells first. Dumbbells sound more impactful than barbells or kettlebells. You need to invest research and time in equipment. Take suggestions from your mentors.

Step 5: Lift The Right Amount Of Weight

When you start weight-training, you need to increase weights slowly. Don’t try to lift much all on a sudden. This is too risky. Again, you may get injuries. Continue weight training gradually.

Step 6: Target Your Upper Body

To start your weight-training, women need to target upper body. There’s no worry about being masculine. Targeting upper body will enhance your progress. For this, you need to focus on several workouts. Like – chest-press, shoulder-press, squats, one-arm row etc.

Step 7: Schedule Regular Workouts

You need to be constant while starting weight training. Make your workout schedule regular. Regular workouts may get you in shape and bring progress.

Beginner women will see result after a few months. Thus, you need to do workout daily. But, don’t strain yourself if you’ve injuries.

Stay fit and healthy.


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