How To Making Your Kitchen Spotless And Super Clean?


Have you ever wondered how some people can keep their kitchen neat and clean, while others cannot?

Firstly, it is a daily job and needs to be done religiously. However, the great thing is it requires only 30 minutes to make your kitchen sparkling clean if you stick to quick cleaning every day.

Let me share my simple and easy step by step process which you can follow on a daily basis in order to get a nice and tidy kitchen.

Step by step process:

Before you start cleaning, soak your dishes into the soapy water and we will work on those a bit later. Let them soak accurately. If you use dishwasher then load your machine with unclean dishes, glasses, pans, etc. and run the machine as well.

Now, it is time to go for the gas burner. Wash your gas burner off with soap and sponge. Rub carefully so that stain and grease come out from the top of the burner quite easily. Then wipe it off with a kitchen towel to dry out the burner.

It is the countertop’s turn now. Clean it off with either warm water with dish soap or disinfectant spray. You can make your own spray by taking one part of vinegar and one part of water. Pour this solution into a spray bottle and spray it accordingly. You can dry off the countertop with a clean rug or small towel.

As we put emphasis on daily cleaning which is why in this step you can simply wipe down outside of the refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, cabinet doors, and drawers, etc. Therefore, baking soda, vinegar, anti-bacterial sprays, and even warm soapy water can be used if you opt for heavy cleaning once a week.

Do not forget small appliances like coffee maker, juicer, blender, toaster, and sponge to wash out them properly with a mixture of vinegar and water so that stain comes off precisely. Then wipe and dry them off using a kitchen towel.

Let’s move on to soaking dishes. If you are going to use the dishwasher for washing then feel free to skip this step. If not then lets wash and rinse off quickly as food stains will come out easily due to drenching.

Dish soap and scrubber is enough for everyday sink washing. If there is any water stain in the corner of the sink, you may use baking soda or vinegar. Now scrub thoroughly and a bit stronger if those stain marks are stubborn. Rinse off and dry out accordingly.

If water is not draining properly due to clogging up, pour boiling water to clear out the blocking and smooth draining.

In this step, we will have to mop the floor off. Use detergent diluted water or pour some disinfectant into the water while wiping it out. Clean each and every corner of the kitchen floor and after that, you may dry out the floor with microfiber cloths. Most of us want to skip this but I will recommend not to avoid this part.

Open the kitchen window for some time to let out the bad odor and fill the room with some fresh wind.

Emptying out the trash is the last step in this process. Put a new trash bag in the bin.

Some more tips:

  • Gather all cleaning items such as scrubber, soap, vinegar, kitchen towel, disinfectant spray, detergent at first then start cleaning.
  • Assign some part of the task to your family members.
  • Try to change kitchen towels, rugs, etc. after 2 to 3 days and sponges and scrubbers 15 days.
  • Turn on your favorite music.


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