How To Make Your Shoes Waterproof?


Who wants to ruin their day accidently making shoes wet? In this season, we don’t know when rain will come suddenly. Also, sometimes we fall into pit full of water. As a result, many of us want to make shoes waterproof.

You can always have fun with waterproof shoes. Let it be rainy season or there’re water everywhere. Your shoes won’t get affected. So, you want to know some cool methods to waterproof?

That’s why, you need to check our article. Here, we’ll show some amazing to make your shoes waterproof. Without any further ado, let’s see the details.

Make Sure Your Shoes Can Be Waterproof

You can’t make all types of shoes waterproof. Thus, you need to know your shoe type. Then, check it out if you can make it waterproof.

Basically, shoes of leather or solid cloth can be waterproofed. Again, check certain conditions. Such as – mesh panels for ventilation, drainage or vent holes. If any of these remain, you can’t make them waterproof.

Prepare Your Shoes

Secondly, you need to prepare your shoes to make waterproof. So, clean your shoes before waterproofing. Then, wash your shoes with water adding soda or paste.

Later, rinse it away with warm or lukewarm water. Then, let your shoes dry. Because you can’t start making your wet shoes waterproof.

Three Ways Of Making Your Shoes Waterproof 

We’ve basically brought three ways to make your shoes waterproof. These are – waxing, spraying water proofers, some old school methods. Let’s check them out.

Wax The Shoes

To make your shoes waterproof, waxing is the cheapest way. Waxing helps make waterproof both fabric and leather shoes. Again, make sure that your wax isn’t dyed.

First, start rubbing wax in a small portion of backside. Make sure that it doesn’t stain on your shoes. If it isn’t, start waxing on your shoes.

Also, match your colored wax with shoes to make waterproof. Then, dry your shoes with hairdryer. Continue it until your wax disappears completely.

Finally, check your shoes if they’ve become waterproof or not.

Spray Water proofers

Another cool way making shoes waterproof is spraying water proofers. Though this isn’t as last longing as waxing. Also, water proofers are costly than wax.

So, you can spray water proofers before you go out.  Hang your shoes to get best result of spraying.

 Also, acrylic or silicon sprayers can be best for you. Then, heat your shoes to set your sprayers. Finally, test your shoes if they’ve become waterproof or not!

Old School Methods

You don’t have to stick with waxing and sprayers. There are some old methods which can make shoes waterproof. Want to know about them?

You can use some special oils on your leathers. Such as mink oil. Rub them over your shoes and give time to absorb oil. Then, your waterproof shoes are ready!

Using petroleum jelly over shoes can be a little messy. But this old school method can make your shoes waterproof. Still can’t believe?  Then, give your shoes a try with petroleum jelly.

But you’ve to be careful applying these methods. These can discolor your shoes. So, use proper techniques to make your shoes waterproof.


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