How to Make Your Lockdown Worthwhile?


We all have been at home for almost half a year suddenly due to COVID-19 pandemic. In this lockdown, although we can’t go out or give a tour or visit friends, this huge time of lockdown can be productive. We have to use it positively. Otherwise, we shall regret later for not using this time properly. Here are some tips to make your lockdown worthwhile for you –

1) Make a To – Do List

There are surely lots of stuffs or wish undone which you wanted to do. But it may not be fulfilled due to your hectic schedule. This lockdown is the perfect time for all of those undone works. So, grab a pen and note down all of these things which you can do now. Make a perfect list.

2) Learn New Software Skills

Todays job market has a huge demand for skilled persons. This exhaustless time is absolutely perfect to learn new soft skills like Microsoft excel, Microsoft word, email writing, video editing, adobe Photoshop, illustrator and so on. There are many online courses for all of this. You can easily learn those skills by these.

3) Learn to Cook

In this 21st century, we have to be self independent in all kinds of sectors including cooking. Taking a cooking project can be useful and fun. Also, you can learn cooking and new recipes from your mom or grandma or elder sister. In this way, you can pass quality time with your family members as well.

4) Start Your Own Blog or YouTube Channel

You may good at writing or creating content. Then, use this time making your own blog or YouTube channel and spread your knowledge. Share your stuffs with people and get happiness.

5) Learn A New Foreign Language

Knowing your mother language and English isn’t enough in this challenging world. Good possession in a third foreign language is necessary and this lockdown is perfect to learn this.

6) Finish Books of Your To – Read List

Always wanted to finish books of interesting reviews but stored in to-read list? This lockdown is for you to grab all of those books and finish peacefully. We know, reading is our mind refreshing method. So, finish the list.

7) Learn A New Instrument

Learn a new instrument which you always wanted to lay. We can not give enough time to spare on learning new instrument in our daily time. We can now learn this in lockdown and make our time productive.

8) Make A Small Garden

Make your time worthwhile by making a garden in your home. Be it a vegetable garden or flower garden – gardening is simply fun doing and rewarding. In addition, you will get extra oxygen and flowers or vegetables from your garden.

9) Sing, Dance, Draw, Write

Do whatsoever is your passion or area of interest. Learn a new form of dance or learn a new medium of drawing or learn a new version of song or try to write in new style. Do whatever you want. Just do it.


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