How To Make Adorable S’more Wedding Favors?


Do you also love to give gifts to the guests? And, a big fan of S’more? Then, this article is just for you. Because we also love to make adorable s’more wedding favors.

S’more wedding favors has become a trend now. Also, it’s absolutely a cold treat in hot summer. Thus, Americans are loving to gift s’more in any event.

So, are you thinking giving your guest a small retreat? Why don’t you learn making adorable s’more wedding favors? That’s why, we’re giving you the full details.

Let’s know how to make s’more wedding favors. Stay with us.

What Do You Need:

First of all, you’ve to collect all ingredients with you. Let’s see what do you need to make s’more favors.

  • S’more items such chocolate candies, graham crackers, marshmallows, toast etc.
  • Clear Treat or Favor Bags
  • Hand written or printed out favor tags
  • String or Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Craft Knife
  • Glue and stapler

Step 1: Assemble All Fresh Ingredients

You need to check that all ingredients are fresh. If so, your s’more wedding favor will be the best. Check carefully so that any ingredient doesn’t expire its date. Again, favor bags must be clear and fresh.

Step 2: Ready Your Favor Bag

If your s’more favor bag is ready, then it’s cool. Otherwise, you’ve to make your favor bag. You can cut it into 6×6-inch rectangle. Again, it can be your 3’’ × 4’’ favor bag.

Finally, sew the side of s’more bag with top open. Then, it’s ready to get filled with s’more items.

Step 3: Fill Each Favor Bag

Finally, it’s time for the main work. Filling favor bag with yummy s’more. It’s not only delicious but also adorable to look.

You can make the s’more mixture as you wish. Because, it’s your retreat after all. So, you can mix up crunches or toast, mini marshmallows. Also, several flavors of candies and other yummy stuffs.

Again, there’s another way to fill s’more. In fact, there’re lots of ways actually. So, we’ll put four big marshmallows in the middle. Then, the top and bottom will be 2+2 graham crackers.

Also, add Hershey Bars on both sides of marshmallows. Tell me! How’s it looking? Isn’t it a perfect, adorable, s’more wedding favor?

Step 4: Add Ribbon Bows With Tags

To make a finishing, you can simply fold and staple. But, doesn’t this s’more favor look very simply? So, we’ve come up with another idea for wedding favors. Adding ribbon bows with hand written or printed tags.

You can leave sweet message in tags of wedding favors. In your s’more wedding favors, give thanks through the tags. Again, you can seek for blessings. Or, any other good wishes with this adorable s’more favors.

So, twine the favor bags. Then, tie it with string or ribbon bows. Thus, ribbon bows with tags make the favors perfectly adorable.

Finally, you can put your favor bag in a basket. This small basket with s’more wedding favors along with tags! How adorable it looks!

Also, you can save your cost for retreat gifts. Because this handmade s’more wedding favors are more adorable. Your guests will definitely like this sweet retreats.

Thus, make your s’more wedding favors in these four steps. Isn’t it cool?


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