How To Love A Girl Who Doesn’t Know How To Be Loved


Precisely love is a wonderful feeling. Who doesn’t want a little more affection? A little care, love and appreciation? But we may not get love back always. Your beloved girl perhaps doesn’t know how to be loved.

Everybody craves to be loved. Because one sided love is painful as hell. Thus, everyone wants the same obsession from their partner. But what’ll you do if you face the horrible dilemma?

Want to get some tips of love? How to love a girl who doesn’t know how to be loved? Then, this article is for you.

Let Her Take Her Time

Don’t expect her to be fully lovey-dovey from day one. She may get little insecure to be with you. The girl needs time to break the wall around her.

That’s why, your loved girl may need time to accept. You need to give her time being comfortable with you. A girl who doesn’t know how to-be loved need patience.

 So, let her take her time.

Don’t Try To Fix Her

Love a girl who doesn’t fathom how to be loved? Then, she must feel unworthy and faulty throughout her life. That’s why, you need to make her feel easy.

Don’t try to fix her. You shouldn’t glorify her flaws. Make her believe you love her as the way she’s. Love her flaws along with her virtues.

Don’t Judge Her Fears

Your loved girl may be afraid of being into relationship. Her broken relationships can be responsible of such fears. So, you have to give her proper space. Don’t judge her fears.

Because her wounds or accidents has created this fear. So, don’t judge or mock her fears. Let her overcome her fear slowly.

Support Her

Support her in every situation. Stay with her in her both good and bad time. Perhaps, she didn’t make any room for relationship. Love her in such a way she loves you back.

That’s why, you need to support your girl. Support her to fulfill her goals. If she’s careers oriented, support her to go further. Also, support her to make her dreams come true.

In this way, she’ll realize that she’s loved.

Make Deep Conversations

Talk, talk and talk. Do you know communication is the key of a relationship? Thus, you need to make deep conversations with your lover.

If you make deep convo, she’ll let her thoughts out. Again, she may let you know her fears, insecurities, desires. In this way, you’ll understand her better.

So, the more you know, the more it’s good. Let deep convo helps you love the girl.

Don’t Stop Her

It’s a common mistake people do in relationship. All of us are free. So, nobody has the right to stop us from anything. Then, why’d you stop your beloved one doing her wish?

If you love her, don’t stop her at anything. Don’t be possessive. It only ruins relationship. The girl who doesn’t know how to-be loved need this. Be her support system instead of stopping her.


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