How To Fall Asleep Fast And Easy: Do’s And Don’ts


It’s really tough to stare at walls lying on bed. You’re not the only sufferer. There’re so many people who struggle to fall asleep fast. As they can’t fall asleep fast, their sleep remains insufficient.

No matter how much we complain about our sleep troubles. There’re many mistakes we make which delay our sleep. Our simple changes in our daily routine can fasten our sleep. Aren’t you curious to know how to fall asleep fast?

We’ve made a list for you. In this article, you’ll know how to fall asleep fast and easy. Go through this article and apply on your daily life.

Stick To Your Sleep Routine

Do you remember? How our parents set our bedtime when we’re kids? You’ve to do the same being an adult now.

This is necessary to stick to sleep routine. Because it makes our body clock scheduled. Our body gradually gets used to sleep timing.

Thus, you can fall asleep fast and easy. This’ll help you wake up early in the morning too. Even in the holidays, you’ll see the magic of your body clock.

Cut Out Caffeine

If you want to fall asleep fast, cut out caffeine. We’re not telling you to abandon completely. Cut out caffeine within eight hours of bedtime. Let’s explain you the reason.

A chemical named adenosine creates sleepiness in our brain. This chemical gets hindrance due to caffeine. Thus, you can’t fall asleep though you may feel tired.

That’s why, cut off caffeine within eight hours of bedtime. Start it from now.

Limit Light Exposure

Do you agree that darkness helps fall asleep? Obviously, that’s scientifically true. Bright lights hampers your sleepiness. Our body’s internal sleep clock gets distracted.

Thus, you need to limit light exposure. You can use dim light in night. But avoid bright lights in sleep time.

Exercise Regularly

Those who have sleep trouble or insomnia, try this. It’s kind of magic. Doing regular exercise helps you fall asleep fast and easy.

If you do exercise regularly, you’ve to expense your energy. Thus, you’ll feel tired and exhausted. Your body will need rest. All of these make your sleep coming fast.

Warm Shower Before Bed

Taking a warm shower helps you fall asleep fast. Warm shower will reduce your body temperature. Our body needs low temperature to fall asleep.

Again, this makes you relax. A relaxed body fall asleep fast than a tired body. Try this to fall asleep easy.

Avoid Screen In Bed

As our body realizes fading of daylight, melatonin starts secretion. This chemical helps bring our sleepiness. Again, the blue light from electronic gadgets hampers this secretion.

That’s why, it’s important to avoid screen. These screen means smartphone, computer, laptop, television etc. Avoid screen in bed to fall asleep fast and easy.

Avoid Daytime Naps

Naps can boost your energy. But long or frequent daytime naps hampers night sleep. Specially it makes worse your situation if you’ve insomnia. Thus, avoid daytime naps and fall asleep fast and easy.

Try to maintain all of these do’s and don’ts. These may help you fall asleep fast than previous. Maintain these simple formulae and sleep tight.


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