How To Date A Girl With Eating Disorder?


Eating disorder is a silent claw with harmful impacts. What if your loved one’s also dealing with eating disorder? Then, you’ve to learn how to date with such girl. After all, she’s the girl whom you love.

Our media, bad experiences etc force us tending to zero-size. So, this leads to orthorexia which means eating disorder. Your loved girl with eating disorder suffers with certain things. Such as – body shape, weight, food, diet and so on.

Thus, these can put bad effects on your relationship too. For this, we’re trying to enlighten you some points. This’ll help you date your girl with eating disorder. So, let’s go through the article.

Educate Yourself First

You can fall in love with girl with eating disorder. It’s not odd. But it can be hard on your relationship. Because eating disorder will affect on her behavior as well.

For this, first you need to know details of it. Firstly, educate yourself about eating disorder. This’ll help you realize its probable causes, effects, risks. If you educate yourself, you may date with her normally.

Because you’ll understand that it’s not just about food. There can be many reasons besides zero figure obsession. Also, your loved girl probably faced trauma too.

Don’t Be Rude

Obviously, the girl you date with eating disorder is starving. Again, a hungry partner may not be loving all time. Also, she may not be a good listener too. But, don’t be rude.

The girl who’s struggling with eating disorder need your patience. Your love with patience may help her overcoming eating disorder.

So, be careful with your language and words. Otherwise, your words may trigger her. That’ll only worsen her eating disorder instead of helping.

Appreciate Her As The Way She Is

Appreciate your loved girl for who she is. Obviously, eating disorder is a part of her life. You should find out her other beauties. This’ll help her grow.

If you really want to date a girl with eating disorder. Love the girl. If you love her genuinely, you’ll surely appreciate her. Because your praise will boost her self esteem.

Appreciate her humor, knowledge, perspective. Appreciate the way she looks or weighs. Certainly, date with your girl with eating disorder will succeed.

Support Her

A supportive partner can heal another person from struggling. If your loved girl’s struggling with eating disorder, support her.

Make her comfortable choosing meals. Also, try to listen when she talks about her fears. Because shame and fears are part of eating disorder.

Again, try not to judge. Also, tell her in a supportive, non judgmental way. This can support her to come out of this disorder.

Give Her Space

No matter how much you support her, she needs space. Because her body images, food issues, weights can put stress. Also, she may break down both physically and mentally.

Dealing with eating disorder is tough. Thus, you need to give her space with herself. This’ll be good for your relationship or date.

Hope your date with your loved girl always go smooth.


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