How To Apply Simple Gold Eye Makeup?


Women and makeup are an amazing combo that seems unbreakable. Stylish and fashion lover women do not forget to learn how to do make over with perfection. Be a ’90s fashion freak or 21st century’s trendy lady – some of you must have fallen in love with gold eye makeup.

Not to mention; we, women, consider our make-over as our art. Again, we assume our face as our art canvas. On this canvas of ours, I think, golden is the most royal and blooming shade. Today we have come with a solution for the beginners who want to learn this. Without any ado, let’s look further of this article to learn simple gold eye makeup step by step.

Prime Your Eyelids

Firstly don’t forget to take all of your required products such as concealer, primer, base shade, gold eyeshadow, dark brown eyeshadow, kajal or kohl, liquid eyeliner.

The very first step is to prime your eyelid with concealer and primer so that the shades can take place smoothly upon there. Another reason is that it helps last long your makeup and reduce creasing.

Apply A Base Shade

The next thing after priming is to apply a base shade on your eyelids. This will go fine with previously used concealer. Again, it will help have a great fine line between your skin and the gold. Basically it will be good if you try a nude shade in this term. Look at the transition afterwards.

Pack On Your Eyeshadow

This is the actual beginning of this art. And its main hero is precisely gold eyeshadow! Now, start to pack your golden eyeshadow on the inside of your eyelid. You can pick a light golden one for this. Don’t forget to blend your eye shadow well near the crease of your eyes.

Compile or Add Dark Brown Shade

It’s time to create a fulfill, gorgeous look adding some dark brown shade. This will make your golden eyeshadow more bright and more royal. Blend it properly with the base eyeshadow. Add more pack of eyeshadow on the outer side or inside if there’s lacking.

Create A Winged Eyeliner

After completing the supreme work of eyeshadows, let’s make eyes look perfect creating a winged eyeliner. You can also make your wing longer. You need to do it in case you want to see yourself in ’90s look. Use your liquid eyeliner to create this.

Make Perfection with Kajal and Mascara

Women’s make over is incomplete without kajal or kohl. Add kajal on both of your waterline to have an exquisite look. Don’t forget to apply mascara on your eyelashes. Only this can finally finish off your gold eye make up with utmost perfection.

In order to brighten this entire eye makeup, you can add a little shimmer to the inner corner of your beautiful eyes.

Gold Eye Makeup – Final Look

Here is it – our perfect gold eye makeup. You can also show your creativity in your makeup in case you want to have subtle or bold or soft look and so on.

Whether your eyes are hazel or brown or blue – Rock on with your own beauty creating this perfect gold eye makeup.


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