Healthy Tips for New Moms


Usually people get excited with the newborn baby and they neglect the health of the new mother. A new mother becomes very sensitive after her delivery and thus, her physical and mental health should get priority. If a mother is hale and hearty, the baby will also be well and healthy.

Proper Nutrition and a Healthy Diet

The body of a new mother goes through so many changes while pregnancy. Even she undergoes stress and many body issues after the baby is born. So, a proper healthy diet is a must to recovery. Also, new mothers generally want to reduce their extra weight during pregnancy soon. But, extreme weight loss can be detrimental to both baby and mother. Only a perfect diet can help to reduce mother’s ‘baby weight’ and be fit.

A research shows that maximum new mothers need 1800-2200 calories each day. For this, you need to put five types of foods in your plate in every meal. This five types are – grains, proteins, vegetables, fruits and dairy products. Rice, oats, wheat, barley, corn meals, cereal etc are grain products. In case of lean, choose low fat or lean products. Make sure that green, fresh vegetables are in your plates. Colorful vegetables and fruits contain much vitamins also.

Drink Plenty of Fluids and Stay Hydrated

Normally it’s important to keep our own body hydrated to be fit. In term of a new mother, the necessity of drinking fluids is beyond any description. Because your child is sucking a lots of water through breast milk, so, you’ve to refill that. Thus, drink water, fruit juice, milk etc as much as possible. Have a water bottle on your side. On another note, avoid drinking alcohol, coffee, tea etc which will deprive you from your sleep. Keep yourself hydrated for your own and baby’s sake.

Proper Sleep and Rest

A new mother faces sleep issue a lot after the baby is born. Along with household chores, new work of feeding and cloth changing of baby are added to her list. Also, a newborn baby wakes up in every three hours and demands to be fed or comforted. Thus, a new mother struggles to manage time taking a small nap or a sound sleep.

Here are some tips to help a new mother’s get more sleep –

Try to sleep when your baby is asleep. But, not everybody can manage this. You have to reduce visit with guests for a while. It is important to have rest instead of entertaining guests. Further, don’t take all responsibilities on your own shoulder. Let others help you. Save times for your sleep.

Supportive Role of Family Members

A new mom goes through a lot both physically and mentally after delivery. It’s a duty of the family members and her husband to come forward. They can give a helping hand in her chores and give her a break. The other members should help her to get proper nutrient foods and sleep.

Let’s not neglect the mental health. Post partum depression is a common thing now. Don’t take these things lightly. If you think that you can’t handle your own mental stress, don’t hesitate to take professional help. After all, a baby’s health depends upon its mother’s health.


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