Four Easy Steps to Start Your Fitness Program


In this world of our tight schedule and full of pollution and contaminated foods, it has become tough to get a healthy, sound, longer life. In order to be a hale and hearty person, one has to maintain his/her fitness.

Are you planning to do so? Or, do you not understand how to start this maintenance?  Then this article is for you. Here we are discussing four easy steps to help you start your fitness maintenance.

Make A Balanced Routine With A Firm Goal

Firstly you must make your mind promised to go through a daily proper routine. Fitness program brings you a lot of fortune of keeping inner organs healthy and also improves your sleep habit and others. To start this routine, firstly you have to assess your fitness level.

  • Know Your Current Fitness

Either you have proper idea of your fitness or not, you should first assess this. It will help you later keep further record of your improvement. To know your current fitness, you should consider of recording pulse rate of before and after walking one mile, number of pushups you can take on a specific time, body mass index, flexibility, muscular fitness and so on.

  • Having a Firm Fitness Goal

Keeping a specific goal to start fitness program will help you make successful your program. You’ve to decide what do you want. You should decide if you’re doing these to lose your weight or to prepare yourself for any sport or to make any other plan. Your goal makes you motivated for further progress.

  • Create a Balanced Routine

Try to make a perfect routine which will not hamper your regular routine and also you do not have to face extra trouble to maintain such routine. You should include all kinds of common exercise such as aerobic exercise, weight lifting, sprinting, resistance training, calisthenics such push ups, pull ups, high intensity interval training and so on.

Consume A Balanced Diet

To do all kinds of exercise without getting tired soon, you must fuel your body with proper nutrients and remain hydrated. Foods recharge your body for toiling. Thus, fuel up your mind and body before and after exercise. Carbs helps to absorb proper amino acids into muscles during recovery. Add proper amount of protein in your diet after exercise as it heals damaged tissue fast and builds muscle mass. Also, to maintain a healthy hydration levels, you have to drink fluids through out all day.

Stop When You Need

Don’t strain yourself when you are tired or you are injured. Excessive work out is detrimental to health so limit your routine according to your  capability. When your muscles become stiffened or sore or injured, give up for a while and rest your body. Listen to your body if you do not feel to do exercise anymore or feel fatigued or tired or nausea etc.

Record Your Progress

To continue fitness program with the same zeal, you need to write down your daily assessment. Through this, you’ll get to know how much you’ve improved after a few months or if you need to include extra time or new exercise.


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