Five Fantastic Fashion Hacks!


We people are mad about style, fashion, designer clothing, or anything exclusive we buy. When it comes to fashion talk, we are always ahead in discussing things. Be it a party, an invitation, or a meeting, we try to be the perfect one all around. Even when we get just a little time from work, we scroll fashion blogs, online outlets to get the updates.

What if you see while going out an adoring and expensive stylish sweater of yours has fuzz on it, it will definitely spoil your mood.

But you don’t need to worry because here are some useful hacks that will fix your problem for sure.

Hack 1: If your sweater has fuzz balls, Just Shave it.

There are times when our sweaters or woolen jackets tend to have fuzz balls. The easiest solution to it is to shave it with a razor.

Hack 2: If you are struggling with your jewelry’s knots then use a drinking straw.

A plastic drinking straw can help you while you are disentangling your jewelry’s knots. You can easily dissect the straw. Then by wrapping it around your jewelry and rubbing back and forth you can get rid of the problem.

Hack 3: Stuck with your tight shoe, well you just need two bags full of water.

If your shoes are tight just fill two plastic airtight bags with water, put those into the shoes, and leave in the freezer to freeze. It will stretch your shoe and if needs follow the same procedure.

Hack 4: Having odor in your stylish sports shoes, use baking soda.

It is normal to have smelly sports shoes. To get rid of this problem sprinkle some baking soda in shoes or use overnight bags full of baking soda.

Hack 5: Use adhesive bandage not letting your hat trouble your makeup.

If you are a hat person and don’t want your hat to ruin your makeup, then just put an adhesive bandage backline on your hat. It will prevent having marks on the forehead because of the hat.

Following at least this much hack you can easily escape any fashion trouble even in your busy schedule.


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