Fitness and Covid-19


There is no one now who are not affected by Coronavirus physically, socially or economically. The whole world is now stuck and searching for a way to avoid this. Scientists, microbiologists, doctors, nurses, everyone tries to fight against this in his or her individual platform. No vaccine, no accurate medicine yet not developed to stop its effectiveness.

Only our body systems are now effectively fighting against this, especially depending on resistance power. Researchers suggest now try to strengthen your immune system by taking proper foods and fitness training.

Fitness is a vast thing, within a few days or weeks is not enough to be strong as you want but taking proper guidelines and steps possible to increase your immune system helps to fight against Covid 19.

Some influential initiatives are as follows that can help to you very much.

Regular homemade exercise:

As you are at home and most of the time spent here take a routine for a regular exercise. You can choose early morning or evening so far.

Firstly use common tasks like walking, jogging and normal cardio for starting in your home for just 15-30 minutes.

Then gradually increase duration and exercise patterns. You can use dumble or some heavy instruments too.

Take proper sleep, balanced diet food and enough water to drink. It helps you to adjust your health system within a passing time.

Not to worry more, it can affect negatively in your health system. Both mental and physical care should be needed as much as possible.

Take mid heat water for a drink, watch television, and read books whatever you want.

Engage with your family members closely, passing some good moments. It gives you strength mentally.

Fitness is a combined thing both physical and psychological so take an adequate plan for both.

This is a certain situation and not very much longer. Take a challenge this time you can be over, you should be because there’s so many things to do for the people and you will do these after the bad days.


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