Dating Tip: Make Her Feel Good About Herself


Dating is the chance to know a person. Surely, men can’t resist the temptation of impressing their dates, especially if the one that they are dating is someone they want.

-Enough about me, I want to know more about you-. This is a simple line that can show your interest to your date. The sincerity of truly wanting to know your date makes this
line much stronger and believable.

In a date, you surely will look and hope for good things about the girl. Unfortunately, you will also see her imperfections.

You should not expect your date to be perfect since this will ruin the entire date because she may not live up to your expectations.

You have to let her know and feel that her not so good traits are just minor set backs for you. Let her feel that no matter how the world would react about her not so good traits, you are not ashamed of being with her.

Let her see and feel that you can get along with her. You can smile, laugh, and even do crazy yet nice stuff with her if possible.

Making her feel good about herself will help you earn her respect. This will surely mold you into someone unforgettable.

You may even become a gentleman in her eyes. She will surely tell her friends about someone who makes her feel comfortable.

Making someone feel good about herself in a date is one honorable act that will provide you with a set of favorable events that can lead to love and romance in the long run.


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