Classic Makeup Tips to Slay Every-day Looks


We are very much at liberty to own a distinctive notion of beauty like our own signature styles. The word beauty carries a whole world within it. In that wide world Make-up impersonates itself as a magic wand in order to fortify and enhance the natural charm of this mythical world. Makeup is no more a mere camouflaging process instead it has made its mark as breeder of confidence. Makeup has not only enabled us to accentuate our best features also unmasked the personalities that were concealed and drawing its final breaths due to lack of exploration. It is a game of hide-and-seek where a person’s natural facial features and personal traits takes part only to meet some drastic transformation of different generations. Today we have bestowed our list with makeup tips for beginners to allow them undertake the personal journey of getting beautiful.

1. Steer clear of high-end products

My mom always advised me to spend below my means. When you are an absolute beginner in the world of makeup avoiding high-end cosmetics will be a wise decision. Don’t fall into the trance of highly saturated pigments of shadows and blushes in lieu of that hone your skills with classified drugstore products. Once you master those skills, you are unfettered to dissipate bucks after high-end products.

2. Prepare your skin for the battle

Living the flawless skin every single day is nearly impossible. However, the practice of maintaining a balanced diet and treating skin with good care before stepping in the battle bears a great deal. To achieve a supple skin and help the base makeup products to properly bind the skin; steps of cleansing, moisturizing and priming before the main makeup course are the sine qua non.

3. Determine your skin tone

When you are unmindful of the exact tone of your skin and finally make up your mind to take an action against it, this will keep you tricked. It’s tough to categorize skin tones since we all have varying hues, but generally there are three main tones: Fair, Medium and Dark along with three categories of undertones known as Cool, Warm and Neutral. Once familiarized with the tones and under-tones next you can easily determine your skin tone by doing the jewelry and vein tests. Tracking down your tone will do great favor in order to buy the right foundation shade and beautify your complexion.

4. Conceal and Color-correct

Target the areas where you have rigid spots and excessive melanin production. First apply the color corrector and later the concealer. Blend them well to your skin and apply foundation of your skin tone. To set and give the products a longer stay brush the face with loose powder. Following this, you have already given your face a smooth and flawless appearance.

5. Light, color and action

Map out your face elevating your bone structures with contouring. Add major luminosity on areas which comes into direct exposure of the sun with bronze and highlighter. Sweep some colors to pop your cheeks and look vivacious.

6. Eyes and Lips

Focus on one feature or go bold with both eyes and lips concurrently with bright colors and liners to get ready to stage a drama.


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