Changes of Fashion Trends in Span of Every 20 Years


Women always tend to have a soft corner for fashion and style. Along with time, fashion is constantly changing with its own way. Now, we’ll see how fashion of apparels of women has been changed in 20 years of time span.

1980s Bold and Bright Fashion

When we look at the time of 1980, its fashion sense depicts a bold, aesthetic and gorgeous sense of style. At first, big shoulders come to our mind when we talk about ’80s. Probably, the ladies apparels with shoulder pads used to give a vibe that they are as stronger as gents. This was a kind of power suiting trend for women. Whatever you look into ’80s cloth, you’ll find an imposing of shoulder silhouettes let it be coats or blazers or jackets whatever.

This decade of ’80s imposes a fine reflection of wealth in cloth and accessories. We’ll notice that there are sign of bold and vivid colors and brightness in the appearance of apparels. Also, women loved to express their riches through shiny jewellery  like pearl necklaces, gold earrings and lets not forget to mention about diamond too.

Not only apparels but also makeup was also much bold and heavy in ’80s. Women tend to wear dark and bold lipsticks with bright brush. They loved to have fully waved or curve in their hair usually. Hairs were used to be big and puffed up with hair spray. In a word, ’80 was a decade of brightness in the fashion world.

Here we can see the reflection of fashion in the fashion icons of that time. Some of the top fashion model of that time were – Whitney Houston, Brooke Shields, Cindy Crawford, Jane Fonda, Christie Brinkley, Carol Alt and so on.

2000s Mixed and Aesthetic Fashion Trend

2020s fashion had a great touch of back ’90s vintage style and a whiff of new style due to globalization. This depicts a approach of fashion with heavy use of straps, embroidered low rise jeans, tube tops, cowl neck tops, crop tops, leather skirts, satin skirts, puffy jackets, denim jackets, tracksuits, cargo pants, sequinned pants etc.

In this decade, the makeup trend took a new turn from the ’80s decade. Women used to love to do bronzer and fake fan usually. Glossy lips, dead straight hair, tiger striped foils, OTT blush, Glossy eyeshadow etc were the common and makeup trends of that time.

If we want to have a better knowledge for ’20s fashion sense, we have to take a look of the fashion icons of ’20. Some mentionable icons are Britney Spears, Nichole Richie, Beyonce Shesvague, Sarah Jessica Parker, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus and many others.

2020s New Dimensional Fashion

Another break of 20 years show us a new era of fashion trends. Now, fashion industry thinks about sustainable and eco friendly fashion sense. Bold and light  colors of dresses, polka dots, animal prints and mixed prints, pleated pants, feathers, dress over pants are seen now.

 Makeup trends show notable changes such as animal print eye shadow, glossy eye shadow, bright mascara makeup, floating eyeliner etc.

Let’s see what changes are gonna come further in 2040


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