Celebrities Who Belong to Famous Family


Celebrities make our mind refreshed by their outstanding art forms of acting or singing and so many things on. Since we love them, we often get curious to know details of their personal life. Some of them have come from very ordinary family and made their own name in respective industry. Again, some of them have come from their famous family and made their own identity with own talent. Now, let’s know some names of stars who have come from celebrity family.

Dakota Johnson

Who doesn’t know about the erotic, sensual, hit movie – Fifty Shades of Grey? Due to perform in the main leading role of this movie, Dakota Johnson reached the peak of popularity. What most of us do not know that she also came from a sparkling star family. The famous Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson are her mother and father. Her mom Melanie is also referred as the original “Working Girl”. Again, her dad is very famous for playing “Sonny” Crockett in “Miami Vice” series of ’80s. They were popular in ’80s – ’90s media.

The Smiths

Whoever watches the famous movie “The Pursuit of Happiness”, they surely will remember the amazing dad – son duo. The dad – son are none but Will Smiths and his son Jaden Smith. James Smith increased his popularity as a rapper in the late ’80s. He gained huge fame when he started “The Fresh Prince of Bel – Air”.

Again, his son, Jaden Smith, also made his own name by his fabulous acting in “Karate Kid” and “After Earth”. James little daughter Willow Smith is also much famous for her “Whip My Hair” which was very hit.

The Depp’s

When we take the name of Hollywood, the name of “Johnny Depp” automatically comes in our mind. This American actor was married with Vanessa Paradis who is also a French singing sensation. This popular couple have their 21 years old daughter – Lily Rose Melody Depp. Lily is also a French American model and actress.

Angelina Jolie

Another Hollywood sensation Angelina Jolie aka Maleficent is loved by general people for her both outstanding acting and humanitarian works. But many of us do not know that her father is also an American actor named Jon Voight. He is winner of not only Academy Award but also Golden Globe. But Jolie doesn’t have good relation with her father because of abandoning her in her childhood.

Miley Cyrus

Wrecking Ball, The Climb, We Can’t Stop – these popular songs were singing by Miley Cyrus touching our heart. This amazing singer has expanded her music range in pop, country pop and also hip hop. She is daughter of another famous singer Billy Ray Cyrus. She says she used to remain in limelight from her childhood due to born in a celebrity family.

Paris Jackson

This is hard to find one such person who didn’t hear the name of Michael Jackson. The King of Pop – Michael Jackson touched everyone’s heart with his songs and styles. Her daughter’s name is Paris Jackson who is also an actress, musician and model.


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