Agrotypes: Why it affects people age differently?


People all over the world are living longer today. For the first time in the history of mankind, people can expect to live their life fully even at the age of sixties or above. According to WHO, people worldwide with the age of 60 or above are going to touch the milestone of 2 billion by 2050.

Living longer doesn’t bring satisfaction until you stay healthy and young at the same time. We researched in-depth about different types of aging & we figure out certain researched-based formulas to stay younger & healthier longer.   In this article, we would like to share those with you.

Aging is a gradual process that starts at early adulthood &  affects people in many ways, scientists say. They performed on 106 healthy individuals from 29 to 75 years of age, including taking their omics measurements.

They come to the conclusion that agrotype is the main reason for why people age differently. Till now, they have discovered 4 different pathways of aging but there could be even more. Pathways include: metabolic, immune, hepatic(liver), and nephrotic (kidney).

It may provide you the assessment of personal age markers which reflects personal lifestyle & medical history.

Aging means learning to cope with different health problems, but again, why the health issues differ among the people. Scientists study reveal the followings:

  1. Metabolic aging type people are predisposed to have a higher risk of developing conditions such as diabetes.
  2. People having liver agrotype are predisposed to develop the liver diseases. 3. People with immune agrotype are more vulnerable to develop inflammation & immune disorders.
  3. Kidney agrotype people are at the risk of developing different kidney conditions.

The team of researchers claim to have owned more than one type in a single person. In this case, the probability of developing health problems will be increased.

According to the findings, the scientists claim that if we know the form or forms of aging, we are predisposed to – we will surely manage to come up with a strategy in the future. Thus, we can prevent specific health problems and possibly slow down certain aging processes.

Aging is an inevitable process so you can’t stop the clock and avoid blowing out those birthday candles. But, knowing your agrotype can keep you one step ahead. If you know which health problem you are going to face in the future, then you will surely take precautions in advance.

With a strategy, you can combat aging at its core, say researchers. But, their team also find out that slowing the aging process has no relation to lifestyle changes. Certain people are benefited from the changing pattern but later the scientist finds out that was due to different aging patterns.

Simply, you can change your diet plan after knowing your type. You can hit the gym or avoid taking calorie riches foods. On top of everything, these will not only slow your aging process but also make a delay in aging.

How will you manage to live longer?  What will be your strategy to stay younger & healthier?


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