8 Women On Instagram Who Will Inspire Your Health And Fitness Journey


Who doesn’t want to remain healthy and fit? Women sometimes worry about their age, size or shape. You can start health and fitness journey at any condition. In reality, you just need a little inspiration.

In search of inspiration, Instagram is really a great platform. Here you’ll find some amazing souls. They’ll surely inspire you on your journey. The amazing journey of your health and fitness.

Do you want to inspire your Insta feed? I’m sharing 10 of my favorites. All of them will inspire you with their own journey. You’ll also get many tips of fitness and health.

Let’s know more of such 8 Instagram inspiring women.

Joan MacDonald

Want to acknowledge example of “age is just a number”? Then, you must look at Joan MacDonald’s fitness journey. This 74-year-old lady has become a role model.

She’s been flaunting herself on Instagram. Joan can be perfect inspiration starting health and fitness journey.

CeCe Olisa

Cece Olisa is an inspiration for plus size people. Being a plus-size women, you need not worry about fitness. There are lots of people out there similar like you. Check CeCe on Instagram now!

She’s been ruling Instagram with 93.9 k followers. Let it be through confidence, techniques, motivations.  Olisa will inspire your health and fitness journey on Instagram.

Massy Arias

Massy is an Instagram celebrity, fitness trainer and certified coach. Her fit body with abs will amaze you certainly. Specially it’s appreciative when she’s got a young girl. Won’t she inspire you?

No matter how old you’re, how many children you’ve. You can come back on your health and fitness journey. Let massy inspire you in your fitness journey on Instagram.

Lauren Fisher

Fisher’s fitness activities on Instagram can inspire your fitness journey. Her Instagram posts are all about fitness workouts.

She’s a sporty person and also weight lifter champion. Follow her on Instagram to inspire your fitness journey.

Jessamyn Stanley

Just pause for a moment. Then, check out Jessamyn’s Instagram posts. They’re filled with yoga practises’ posts. By whom?

None other but a black, curvy fitness model. She’s breaking all norms proving anyone can maintain fitness. She’ll surely inspire you on your health and fitness journey.

Dianne Bondy

Are you searching fitness model to inspire you? Dianne can be your pick for health and fitness journey.

Dianne’s proved that you need not have slim figure. You can be healthy and fit in any size. Bondy’s yoga posts on Insta gives us inspiration.

Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor is another plus size fitness influencer. She’ll certainly inspire you to start your fitness journey. If you’re upset on your health and fitness journey, stop. Check out Sarah’s Instagram account.


Want a smooth lead or inspiration?  Riley is here to inspire your fitness journey. She makes her Instagram followers updated with her fitness activities. She’s also a plus size fitness inspiration.

Riley’s workout poses, healthy meals, fitness activities are there. All of them make you inspired. These will give you fuel on your healthy and fitness journey.


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