8 Summer Fruits To Satisfy Your Taste Buds


Summer season is already here. What you need to survive these scorching hot days of July? That’s right, a cold glass of fresh juice or smoothie. What better ways to make them than summer fruits? Blue, red, yellow, and green- you name it. Summer fruits come in every shape, color and texture. Their taste can range from heavenly sweet to juicy sour.
Do you know all these summer fruits? Have you tried them before? We have listed some of the best summer fruits, just for you!

1. Mango:

Want a sweet and savory treat in summer? Mango is your answer. This fruit has versatile range of taste and texture. Originally found in Asian countries, mango received loves all around the world. Bonus point, this fruit is also good for skin and digestive system.

2. Watermelon:

This green and red fruit has been important trademark fruit of summer season. It is so juicy and pulpy that you can eat it raw. You can make juices out of it, a healthy drink to combat hot weather. This fruit is also used to make pie and ice-cream.

3. Litchi:

Litchi is also from Asian countries, like her neighbor mango. Some may confuse it with strawberries, due to texture and color. Litchi is fleshy fruit with sweet and unique taste. It feels like eating a candy. But, be careful with the seed inside!

4. Pineapple:

We can’t settle down whether pineapple belongs to pizza or not. One thing we all can agree that it is one the greatest summer fruits. Its unique sweet and sour taste will satisfy your taste buds, without a doubt. It goes with any drink or dessert.

5. Black Jamun:

Some may call it black berry. But these two fruits are completely different. Black Jamun is very famous in South East Asian countries like Bangladesh, India, Nepal, etc. You can find this tropical fruit in your local shops. Jamun has unique sourly taste, that goes well with juices and custards. You will love this summer fruit!

6. Papaya:

Papaya is complete package of summer vibes. Super sweet flavor in its smooth and fleshy texture- an amazing combination. You will fall in love with papaya. Try this tropical fruits in your fruit salad or custard. Or you can eat it without any accessories.

7. Guava:

Which fruit come in sweet and soft flavor? Yes, it is guava. This fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is also helpful for those with anemia, as it has iron. Perfect healthy treat!

8. Kiwi:

Kiwi is a tropical fruit which may taste like peaches. It has unique sour taste. The most eye-catching about kiwi, is its pattern. It goes well with refreshing juices or smoothies. Have you tried these summer fruits yet? Which one of these you like the most? You can tell us.

Let us know your thoughts in comment. Happy summer!


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