8 Homemade And Natural Remedy For Sunburnt Skin


The sun is scorching hot like fireball in this mid-July. You know what that means?  More sun means more chance to get sunburn. We definitely don’t like get those ugly spots all over our body. Talk about real life struggles, am I right?

We girls have to suffer from this problem, every year nonetheless. Let us tell you a secret. You don’t need to use any expensive cosmetics. With these 8 common household things, you will be protected from sunburn. Let’s check out these amazing home remedies for sunburn:

Aloe Vera:

Whatever your beauty need is Aloe Vera is the answer to all. This plant has juicy flesh under the leaves, used in different purposes. The thick mucus fluid is rich in vitamins and minerals. Cut the leaves and soak them into cold water. Apply this on your skin for ten minutes.


This well-known vegetable in our salads is also an essential in skin care. Cucumber is juicy and pulpy. Its seeds are good exfoliators. Peel it and dice into cubes. Apply directly on the sunburnt areas. You can freeze them for better result.


This sweet juicy summer fruit is also great for your skin. Papaya is rich in antioxidants. It has natural brightening property. For sunburn, blend the pieces and strain the juice. Use the remaining portion on skin for 5-6 minutes and scrub it off.

Green Lemon:

Love lemonades? This common member of our kitchen is also great for sunburn removal. Green lemons are rich in vitamin C and citric acid. It peels of dead skins off your face and cleans from inside out.


Turmeric may gain its reputation as tropical spice. But its skin care properties are diverse. This herb is rich is natural minerals and exfoliates. You can use it raw or as powder. Mix it with warm water until thick paste is formed. Apply on your skin and wash it after it dries.


Yes, you have read it right, milk. It is more than a perfect food, a complete dose of nutrients. It helps to wash off dead dry skins and dirt. It induces new cell growth and helps to restore normal pigmentation in a week. Just apply cold milk over the areas and wait.


Potatoes are more just French fries and chips. This vegetable is very good exfoliate and moisturizer. It cleans your pores and gives you natural glow. Cut it into thin slice and apply on desired areas.


Tomatoes are rich in vitamin E and lycopene. It moisturizes your skin and clears your pores. It removes dark spots faster and smoother. Just apply tomato paste on your sunburnt areas.

Did you know about these remedies before? Which one of these have you tried?

Share your experience in the comments.


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