8 Exercises For Different Body Parts That Can Bring Record Breaking Results


Is there anybody who does not want to stay fit? Or look younger?

Well, everybody on the earth cherishes a dream to look more fit and younger. To touch the dream, you need to step up and exercise! Yes, exercise is the most effective way to make your body stronger and fit. Along that, it improves your hormonal balances, increases immunity boosting, helps to sleep well and improves blood circulation. Burning some extra kilos can really be a game changer in your life.

Now let’s have a look at 8 exercises that are immensely able to bring record breaking results to your different body parts!


The best way you can start your exercise is walking. It is equipment free, easier and can be done at any place. The best part of walking is this one is applicable for all age types and equally effective to all them. Harvard Health shows a study where it is proven that a 70 kg man can burn up to 167 calories per day only by walking one hour!


This reel type of exercises has a bunch of health benefits; like reducing stress, boosting confidence, improving coordination, making posture better and many more. All you need are boxing gloves and a pad, you are all set to see all those goodness in you!


A cycling round in the winter evening is really worthy. Cycling regularly can make your cardiovascular system better and reduce cardiovascular diseases. Also, it improves joint mobility, muscle strength, flexibility and reduces stress level. Indeed it is a super exercise to burn belly fat.


When it is a question about cardio exercise, what can be a more fabolous exercise than swimming? This amazing workout has incredible benefits for your heart diseases. It keeps heart rate normal, builds strength and tones your muscles.

Jump Roping

This full body exercise is an absolute wonder for your hand-eye coordination. It burns your belly fat fast and tones up muscles. Along that, it builds strength and is really good for your lymphatic system.


For regular cardio workout, the elliptical is a must. It burns your body fat faster than anything. It boosts your stamina, maintains a good balance and fitness after injury. It is a complete package for your upper and lower body exercise.


For toning your legs and thigh, you really have no alternative than squats. This no equipment exercise gives your leg muscles strength and improves balance than anything. It creates an anabolic environment in the body  so that new muscles can grow.

Push Ups

Last but not the least! Push up is inarguably the best for upper body exercise. It improves your bust and helps to tone up muscles along with excites tissues to make new muscle. Triceps, Pectoral muscles and shoulders are greatly benefitted by regular dose of push ups.

Whatever exercise you do, keep in mind to-

  • Drink more water throughout the whole day.
  • Warm yourself up before exercise.
  • No exercise after meals.
  • No heavy exercise during periods and pregnancy.
  • Make sure to stay hygienic after exercise.


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