8 Colorful Beach Dresses Perfect For The Season


It is the time of the year, for parties and long beach days. In this hot and dry season, your body needs to breathe freely. What is better than wearing airy dresses? The fashion companies have released their best summer maxi clothing, just to fulfill your needs. These vibrant dresses with exotic pattern and design will set you for the season vibes.

We have picked our favorite 8 beach dresses, of this season. Check out below to choose yours:

Black floral long maxi:

This long sleeveless maxi dress is just perfect for you. The material is soft georgette, completely airy. It does not cling to your body, and so you will not sweat. Looks great in photos, too!

Bohemian mini top:

This one piece top with bohemian patterns goes well with or without any accessories. It has full sleeves up to wrist and attached with a lace for adjustment.

The dress has deep v cut in front, that goes well with any bikini tops.

White off-shoulder maxi:

White is the color of peace and calmness. In hot weather, a white dress is perfect for any occasion. This long bottom dress comes without sleeves. The front has colorful floral pattern, to make it more vibrant.

Sunflower half skirt:


Looking for a dress with sunflowers? This black half skirt is the one you looking for. The dress is so pretty. It goes well with any body shape and type, without a sweat!

Polka dot skirt:

This light maroon colored dress with polka dot pattern looks great on anyone. The front has cut up to waist and above this buttoned up. Show those sexy legs of yours with fashion!

Wavy long maxi:

This dress comes in nude paste and beige colors, perfect for hot weathers. This dress has wavy pattern in front from chest to bottom. The fabric is breathable and comfortable.

Backless short dress:

This white backless short dress resembles a miniskirt. It is not body-tight, rather stretchable and airy. The back has amazing cross cut and no sleeves are attached on the sides. Sexy but comfortable!

White half-length top:

This dress is a combination of a top and a miniskirt. The length touches halfway through the knee. No sleeves are attached. Upper part has off shoulder deep cut. This dress goes well with long pendent or necklace. The back has net pattern.

So, these are the dresses we picked for beach days. These dresses not only look great but also feel great to wear. What do you think about this list? Wanna try any of these dresses?

Share your thoughts in the comments. Happy summer!


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