8 celebrities show their lockdown looks in social media


Halfway through 2020, yet we still in lockdown. Celebrities are not any exception. They are human beings, just like everyone else. No more award shows, a bright spotlight, or swarming fans. So, what these famous people are doing in the house? We went to their social media to find out.

What lockdown fashion they are following? What trends they are hopping on? We have listed the top 8 looks, these female stars have shared. Let us jump into the list:

Kim Kardashian West

We all know Kim Kardashian West. Her stunning style and wardrobe never fail to make us go crazy. Well, lockdown sure has taken a toll on her. From celebrity to mom, Kim is struggling to keep up with! She showed us a cute video with her little one, North.

Billie Eilish:

Being an amazing singer, Billie always maintains the same style as usual. This teen sensation was spotted in usual saggy sweatpants and hoodie. No overdone hairdo or crazy ornaments. Common gothic girl in black, wearing a mask for protection.


Zendeya has always been an icon of the modern fashion. Her choice of cloth makes her stand out in the crowd. Her natural complexion is stunning. In the midst of this lockdown, she is rocking the trendy look in this off white shirt and minimal hairdo.

Ariana Grande:

ArianGrande is the face of pop music in this era. Her traditional look is a long ponytail and short skirts. Her voice has won the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. During the lockdown, she posted this photo of natural curls on Instagram. People are going aww on her new look. She is love!

Dakota Johnson:

This 50 shades of grey star maintained a sophisticated look and fashion all the time. But this quarantine time brings out her unknown look. She is rocking a black hoodie and blue jeans. On top of that, black sunglasses make her look so stunning!


There is nothing new to say about the Queen Bee, Beyoncé. She is ruling this music industry for decades. Her fashion has been evolving from time to time. Black, white, or gold, she can rock any color without a sweat! We caught a glimpse of the queen, carrying her baby princess in her arms.

Lana Del Rey:

Lana has been always an icon whatever it is music or fashion. We are used to her traditional hairdo. In this lockdown, she posts her picture in lemon juice colored hair.

Lady GaGa:

Gaga is the face of bizarre and crazy outfits. She has been in headlines, several times. In a recent lockdown, we found her in normal girl-next-door looks. Almost unrecognizable!

So, what you think about these lockdown looks of celebrities? Do you like those? Or maybe you want to try those yourself? We could fit all the female lead celebrities in this top list. Who should we include in it?

Let us know in the comments. Stay tuned for more!


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