8 Celebrities Playing Marvel’s Favorite Female Characters


Who doesn’t love these action-packed comics! Marvel Comics has been a part of childhood for most people around the world. Marvel Universe has also introduced some of the greatest female characters. These strong women of the comics have entered into Hollywood films, too.

We have listed the 8 top females playing these extraordinary comic heroes in the following:

Black Widow:

Black Widow has been an essential female lead in every Avengers film. This strong and independent character has been a great inspiration for many girls. Scarlett Johansson portrayed this character beautifully. An origin movie named “Black Widow” will be released in the future.


The storm is one of the main characters of the Xmen universe. She has a special ability to control weather and wind on her wish. Halle Berry played this character in earlier Xmen series movies. Her performance was appreciated by the comic fans.

Captain Marvel:

Some fans of Marvel Comics hold Captain Marvel to be the best female character. Well, her god-like powers and strength prove the same thing. Marvel made an origin movie of this character in 2018. Brie Larson played the role with grace.


X-23 is the youngest of the female characters of the Xmen universe. She has claws and strength similar to the Wolverine. In the Logan movie of 2017, the character was brought into life. Played by Dafnee Keen, a 15-year-old girl, this character became everyone’s favorite. Baby Wolverines!


Gamora is the lead female role in the Guardians of the Galaxy comics. This green-skinned lady gangster made her first appearance in movies in 2016. The role was played by Zoe Saldana. Zoe made this comic character come alive. Her last scene was in Avengers End Game in 2019.


Mystique is one of the leading roles of the Xmen Universe. She is well-known for her shapeshifting ability. She can change into anything or anyone in the blink of eyes. Jennifer Lawrence nailed her roles perfectly. Her performance was loved by fans.

Scarlett Witch:

Scarlett Witch made her first appearance in films in 2017. In Avenger’s second movie, Elizabeth Olsen portrayed the role. Scarlett Witch is also known as Wanda Maximoff. She has the power of a witch, for controlling an object with her mind. The role reappeared throughout the following Marvel movies.

Jean Ray:

Jean Ray is one of the topmost female roles in the Xmen universe. In the comics, she has shown to have unique power and ability. She can see any event in the past or future. In the recent Xmen movie, Jean was portrayed by Sofie Turner. The film was not that good, but her role was praised by the film critics.

We know, we have left out some of your favorites in this list of top 8 celebrities playing Marvel female characters. Who is your favorite female leads? Which of the female characters do you want to see in the future?

Let us know in the comments!


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