8 Best Songs Of Lana Del Rey That You Should Listen


Some call her queen of depressing songs. Some sees her music as aesthetic piece of art. Lana Del Rey, loved by millions of fans, is one of the prominent musicians of this modern era. Whether it is hot days of summer or cold touches of winter, her unique songs will make you feel, a lot of things.

Are you a fan of Lana’s songs? We have listed 8 of Lana’s songs that we all like to listen:

Born To Die:

“Born to Die” is from the album of the same name in 2012. How we begin to describe this song? This song is a pure art. The voice, music and lyrics of this song are so good. It was a huge success for Lana in her earlier career. Give it a try, you will love it!

High On The Beach:

Love the sea? Love beaches? “High by the beach” is a mood, an emotion. This song will give a sense of feeling high and free, without any drug! Don’t believe us? Listen this song today, you will get hooked instantly!

The National Anthem:

Lana makes every song unique, beautifully cruel. The “National Anthem” is from her album “born to die”. The song portrayed pretty dark elements, a common occurring theme of her songs. Hearing the anthem over dead lover’s body, not a memory we like to experience!

Young and Beautiful:

“Will you still love me, when I am no longer young and beautiful?” The line itself is classic. Lana took it to another level. The song was played in the film “the Great Gatsby”, another classic piece of art.

West Coast:

Lana sure has a thing for bad boys, doesn’t she? The song is a masterpiece, per say lyrics and voice. Her interchanging between two different genres is smooth as ice! The song will be your playlist, forever, once you hear it!

Lust For Life:

What is better than one beautiful voice? Two beautiful voices, of course. Lana collaborated with another powerful singer, Weeknd, and gave us this masterpiece. Nobody ever thought, death could be that desirable, we thing not!

Enjoy this song for vibes!

Summertime Sadness:

“Summertime Sadness” is a classic Lana Del Rey song. Ever heard a song that gave you memories you never experienced? Well, get ready to feel what you never felt before. The visuals are pretty dark for this song. Typical Lana!

Off To The Races:

“Off to the races” is from her album in 2015. The song also used in the movie “the suicide squad”. As the name implies, the song is a roller-coaster ride! From an innocent girl to gangster, the story is fascinating. Lana uses many voices in this song, which is unbelievable!

So, this was our favorite picks of 8 songs of Lana. What do you think? Which one is your favorite? We will love to hear your ideas.

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