7 Sparkling Hollywood Film-Stars Who Were Also Successful in Sports


Before entering into their film career, so many movie stars in the USA film industry started as a sports lover. Some of them just played in high schools or colleges as a hobby and some played passionately. But in both cases, they were pretty good at sports they had played.

Here is a listing of some top celebrities who were previously a sports star:

Dwayne Johnson: “The Rock”

Before starting an acting career in Hollywood movies Dwayne Johnson wrestled for 8 years professionally. Before wrestling, he played football for the University of Miami football team and contributed to winning a national championship in 1991.

Jason Statham: The badass bald guy from “Transporter”

Statham made one of the strongest entries in Hollywood and made himself recognized as one of the toughest guys through some top-rated action movies. But before starting his acting career, he picked diving in his teenage and became a member of Britain’s national diving squad. Surprisingly, he also took part in the Commonwealth Games of the year 1990.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: “The Terminator”

When kicking off his bodybuilding career, Schwarzenegger took part in several competitions in the Olympics. He got some bodybuilding titles including ‘Mr. Universe’ at the age of just 20. When he was 23 years old, he won Mr. Olympia competition which is an unbroken record.

Dean Cain: “The Superman”

In our childhood, we had a charm for the Superman TV series in the late 90s. Thanks to Dean Cain, for making our childhood so special. But before his acting career, he was a football player for the Princeton football team in college. But because of an injury, his future in football career ended up.

Steve Austin: “The Stone Cold”

Steve Austin, popularly known as ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, started his career as a football player in Texas. Later, he moved into the wrestling world and became one of the most successful wrestlers. After that, he starred in several remarkable Hollywood movies like ‘The Expendables’, ‘The Condemned’ and so on.

Chuck Norris: legendary Martial artist

Chuck Norris starred in so many action films such as “Return of the Dragon’, ‘Missing in Action’ etc. But before that, he had a passion for martial arts and made a successful career in it. He accomplished success in many Martial art competitions and also worked as an instructor of karate during his career. He also instructed numerous celebrities for their movie roles.

Chris Pratt: The Star-Lord of the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

Before making a successful career in the film industry, Chris Pratt, at his high school, did wrestling and football. Additionally, he placed 5th in a school wrestling tournament. But, because of poverty, he couldn’t continue his career as a wrestler. But after a series of struggling events, his hard work made him a remarkable actor in Hollywood.

These above superstars have had achievements in sports. Later they moved to Hollywood, started a film career, and shone like a twinkling star. Where other people complain about problems in their lives, these movie stars achieved their ultimate goals. That’s the true spirit of a passionate sportsman.


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