7 Clothing Trends Women Wish You’d Stop Following


Who doesn’t want to go with the flow following the current fashion trends? Any fashion lover man surely does not want to skip any chance to impress his lady with his fashion sense. On the contrary, women have a secret confession of disliking some of men’s fashion trends.

Obviously, you must not overlook this thing. Because women are your partner or beloved one whom you try to impress in the end of the day.  Thus, we have come with this article describing seven clothing trends which irritate women. Let’s have a look at these trends’ women wish you’d stop following.

Deep V – Neck T – shirts

Probably men will find it shocking that women laugh at you seeing your over exposed triangle man cleavage due to your v – neck t-shirt. Not to mention, this happens exactly when you don’t have enough packs to fill it up. Also, it will not suit you if you’re too skinny or fat.

Excessive Short Shorts

If your shorts are too short, you’ve come up to the list of today’s entertainments for women automatically. Come on! Don’t you think that those are similar to women’s shorts over thighs? Such extreme short shorts ruin your professional image. Also, this helps nothing but create a mocking face of you. It’s high time you stopped following this odd fashion trends.

Cargo Shorts or Pants

We know that shorts are meant to be stayed up to the knees. In the eyes of women, the cargo shorts which cover up your knees makes you look like a carpenter. Again, we can see lots of pocket in such cargo pants. Women really find this trend very much unattractive. This trend makes you look miserable only.

Ill Fitted Clothes

For your concern, we want to let you know that ill fitted dress gives a vibe. This vibe is that you simply do not take enough care of yourself. Women precisely don’t get impressed with such irresponsible fellows. Moreover, such imbalanced clothes will give you an older look than your age. So, don’t do injustice to yourself going on your professional meeting or your date wearing ill fitted clothes.

Extra Tight-Fitting Clothing

In the above point, we’ve got to know about women’s dislike in men’s ill fitted clothes. We can also add extra tight-fitting clothing in this list. Such garments look simply awkward. You must wear such clothes that fit you according to your body measurement.  Real man should follow real style, what say?

Square or Pointed Formal Shoes

This is the worst shoes style of men they should have stopped. To go with the flow is not a good deal always. In the same way, wearing square or pointed shoes has become a irritating trend in women’s eyes. Try some another design and rock your summer or autumn with proper, perfect look.

Sporty Sunglasses

Half of our generation do not fathom this weird trend. Come on! There are thousands of several types of stylish sunglasses for men. But men find this cool to wear sporty sunglass in normal occasion. Undoubtedly, they make themselves look funny in our eyes. Research and find what will suit you.


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