11 Features of Your Partner That Can Tell a Lot About You


Love is an unexplainable phenomenon and there’s usually no specific answer as to why someone falls in love with a particular person. But who we choose can really say a lot about our own character. In fact, it’s not a coincidence that we fall in love with a tall or a short person or someone who is highly emotional as opposed to someone who is reserved. Even pets influence our decision! But how does it happen?

Business Magazine decided to find out what our choice can actually reveal about ourselves. Are you ready to learn something new about your personality?

11. Similarity in physical appearance

11 Features of Your Partner That Can Tell a Lot About You

Let’s start with our appearance. Several studies show that we choose a person whose appearance has much in common with our own. Take a closer look at your partner: do you have any similar physical characteristics? Our love toward our partner is based on self-love: if you think you’re attractive, a partner that looks like you will seem more attractive than someone who looks completely different.

10. Similar attractiveness level

11 Features of Your Partner That Can Tell a Lot About You

9. Emotional and rational

There’s an interesting balance between emotional and rational people: apparently, we always try to complete each other. As a result, a perfect couple appears: one person can stay calm while the other one keeps the flame alive. If your partner always thinks twice before making a decision, then you’re probably a rather emotional person.

8. Kind people choose kind people.

11 Features of Your Partner That Can Tell a Lot About You

Kind people who are able to sympathize are more likely to create a harmonic relationship. Such partners don’t argue about charity and find common ground really fast. What’s more, such people get along with each other easier and, as a result, start dating. Take a look at your partner: if they’re charming, you’re probably charming too.

7. Height difference

11 Features of Your Partner That Can Tell a Lot About You

Do you usually meet tall men with a very petite girlfriend or tall girls that are way taller than their boyfriends? Sometimes such a difference can look quite peculiar, but there’s actually nothing surprising about it: a man looks stronger and bigger with a small girl and a tall woman looks more confident and successful. So if we choose a small partner, we want to take care of them and if we pick a tall person, we want to be surrounded by care and attention.

6. Fuller figures

11 Features of Your Partner That Can Tell a Lot About You

5. They look like your parents.

11 Features of Your Partner That Can Tell a Lot About You

The father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, claimed that we choose a partner who looks like our opposite-sex parent. And modern scientists have discovered that a partner’s appearance is often similar to our parent’s appearance right after our birth. This study also showed that if parents decide to have a baby later in life, their child is likely to find an older partner. So you can compare your beloved with your parents’ photos and find out whether they look alike or not.

4. Pets

11 Features of Your Partner That Can Tell a Lot About You

3. Well-deserved recognition

11 Features of Your Partner That Can Tell a Lot About You

This interesting study helps us look at the laws of attractiveness from a different angle. According to the results, people like those who didn’t like them at first but changed their mind later. And a person that treats you nicely arouses less interest. This may be a reason why many couples tell how they hated each other when they first met and how they realized that they were destined to be together. Actually, we like the fact that we’ve managed to change a person’s opinion about us and such a victory makes us appreciate the relationship with this person.

2. Pace

11 Features of Your Partner That Can Tell a Lot About You

1. Dominant personal traits

We all know Paris Hilton’s bizarre whims. Her fiance Chris Zylka’s the complete opposite of his girlfriend.

According to the classical personality theory, we all have our inner adult, child, and parent, and one of these traits takes precedence over the others. Children are more capricious and naive, parents can be too caring, and that’s why these 2 types of personalities get along with each other well. So if your partner behaves like a child, you probably like to educate and teach them, right?

Of course, science can’t explain love and the magic that occurs between 2 people, but some personal features really do affect our choice. And what attracts you the most when it comes to a potential partner?


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