10 Fitness And Nutrition Mistakes Made By Women


Trying to lead healthy lifestyle is cool. It’s important to keep yourself fit. In order to remain fit, we often make silly mistakes. This fitness and nutrition mistakes are harmful for health.

The researcher’s found women do these mistakes more than men. Sometimes its their image issue. Sometimes women believe wrong myths. All of these lead to a great mass.

Don’t you want to know what’re these mistakes? We’ve combined a list of 10 mistakes. These are fitness and nutrition mistakes made by women. Let’s enlighten ourselves through the list –

Not Eating Enough

Some women think that eating less will make them fit. Rather, this is a misconception. You need to eat properly to remain healthy and fit.

Not eating enough will cause deprivation of nutrition. Thus, your body may get weak. It causes hair-loss, fatigue, depression and so on. Women need to be careful not to do this nutrition-mistake.

Skipping Breakfast

Many women tend to skip their breakfast intentionally. Sometimes it is due to their work pressure. But this is a big fitness and nutrition mistake.

Do you know? Your breakfast burns more calories than other meals? Also, it keeps your sugar level control. Whereas, skipping breakfast can enhance your unhealthy cravings.

Not Lifting Weights

Fitness-lover women usually tend to avoid weight-lifting. They fear of getting bulky whereas that’s not true. It’s basically male’s testosterone that makes men bulky. Women need not worry.

Lifting weights will increase your muscle-mass. To get fitness, don’t make this mistake of not lifting-weights.

Doing Too Much Cardio

Undoubtedly cardio is impactful for fitness. But, doing too much cardio can go opposite. Overdoing cardio burns muscles and hampers weight-loss process.

It’s fine to do cardio for 30 minutes daily. Doing too much cardio brings fatigue. Also, risks of injuries are there. Stop this fitness mistake now.

Not Being Consistent

Do you want to see positive impact of your workouts? Then, you’ve to be consistent. Many women fail to keep consistency in fitness exercises.

Not being consistent may bring delay in your goal. Women need to avoid this fitness mistake of inconsistency.

Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is another fitness mistakes made by women. Many women tend to eat much in their emotional imbalance. It may happen in mood swings, anger, happiness, stress etc!

Not Sleeping Enough

Not sleeping enough causes many bad impacts over your body. The stress in muscles can get recovered through sleep. Also, your joints can get stiffened. Women need to check this fitness mistake.

Trying Diet Pills

We’ve seen many women tend to take diet pills. Specially, they take pills for weight loss. But, taking such diet pills is a horrible mistake.

Weight-loss pills may reduce a few pounds. But it’ll cause serious long-term health issues. Stop making this mistake of trying pills now!

Punishing or Rewarding Yourself

Many women make this mistake of punishing or rewarding themselves. They think to reward themselves with junk-foods after extra exercises. Again, many women tend to punish themselves with extra workouts. Both of these are harmful for fitness.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Lastly, a common fitness mistake is not drinking enough water. Liquids make your body functional. It’s high time we needed to stop doing this fitness-mistake.


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