10 Cringeworthy Fashion Accessories From the ’80s


When we look back, we see bright, big and vibrant fashion trends of ’80s. These are noteworthy and remarkable for some people. Again, some people find them super cringeworthy.

We may’ve heard that history repeats. That’s also true in case of fashion worlds. We’re seeing again some ’80s fashion accessories which sound cringeworthy. Although, it’s up to your decision to celebrate it or not.

In this article, we have made a list of such top 10 cringeworthy fashion accessories from ’80s. Let’s take a look.


Scrunchie is one of the most famous fashion accessories in the list of ’80s fashions. We could see them everywhere in ’80s runways, celebrity fashion etc.

But maximum people find scrunchie quite uncool and cringeworthy. On the contrary, scrunchie has come back with evolution in this decade.

Rubber Bracelets

Another ’80s favorite fashion was wearing rubber bracelets which are also named as Madonna’s fashion. This cringeworthy ’80s fashion is ruling again in the hearts of our youth. People was used to grab this cringeworthy trend with a rocking vibe having big hairs, distressed dress and such on.

Shoulder Pads

In ’80s, people tended to create an image of their broad, masculine shoulders. For this, shoulder pads had an unbelievable craze in general people to celebrities. Nevertheless, shoulder pads seem to be ’80s worst fashion cringeworthy, faux pas to today’s fashion-lovers.

Fingerless Gloves

It’s hard to mention the exact arrival time of fingerless gloves. Albeit, it gained huge popularity among teenage and young girls’ during ’80s. This must-have accessory of ’80s is a cringeworthy fashion that people don’t want to repeat again.

T-Shirt Clips

Another worst, cringeworthy fashion trend of ’80s is t-shirt clips. Further, it’s purpose is also quite perplexing. The true fashionistas do not want this terrible fashion accessory come back again.

Oversized Hair Bows

Such oversized hair bows suit little girls which make them cute. When you apply this on a full grown lady, it looks awful. We should forget this ’80s cringeworthy hair accessories.

Scrunch Socks

This ’80s another cringeworthy fashion accessories got other names like slouch socks, funny or awkward layered socks. Although this odd fashion got huge popularity then, todays fashion lover does not want to welcome this again.

Banana Clips

You may have noticed this curved or banana shaped clips in ’80s people’s fashion style. Such banana clips earned its own place during that time as women used to have their hair textured. However, matching with present fashion trends, we find banana clips cringeworthy.

Jelly Shoes

Look at the pictures of jelly shoes! Don’t you also find this fashion accessories cringeworthy and really funny?

On the other hand, jelly shoes were a remarkable trend during ’80s which this decade’s fashionistas don’t want back.

Swatch Watch

Swatch watch – another symbol or epitome of ’80s fashion accessories which is really a worst cringeworthy fashion trend. Just have a glimpse of swatch watch. Do you really want these funny accessories over your hand? Let’s hope that it doesn’t come back again.


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