10 Awesome Toys Every ’90s Girls’ Wanted For Christmas


Who doesn’t want awesome toys from Santa in Christmas? Every toddler waits for Christmas to get their desired toys. There are some cool toys of ’90 girls’ favorites.

These ‘90s girls’ wanted toys are dear to today’s girls. These toys are not only for fun. They help improve communication skill. Also, these toys improve girls’ organizations and functional quality.

So, don’t you want to know more about those toys? There are hundreds of amazing toys every ‘90s girls wanted. We’ve listed 10 such awesome toys. Let’s jump into the list –

Barbie Styling Head

’90s girls’ top favorite game was Barbie Styling Head. Every girl wanted to have this toy on Christmas evening. This toy gives them a chance for being a hair-dresser.

There is pink hair brush, hair bands, barrettes. You can use them to style Barbie’s hair. Isn’t them awesome?

Mouse Trap Game

Another nostalgia of ’90 is Mouse Trap Game.  This game is as unique as it sounds. It’s a dice rolling game trapping for the plastic mouse.

Any child over 5 years can easily play this game. ’90s girls used to want this game-board to Santa’s wish-list.

Smurfs Mini Figure

Smurfs Mini Figure set is an adorable toy set. ’90s kids specially girls loved to have them on Christmas. Even they’ve the same demand in this decade.

You will have 12 smurfs in an entire set. There are papa smurf, jokey smurf, brainy smurf and others. Won’t you want to grab this mini set in Christmas?

Easy Bake Ultimate Oven

This ’90s toy used to bring out child’s creativity. Easy bake ultimate oven requires electricity to run. You’ll have baking pan and its tool. There’re also choco brownie mix, vanilla frosting mix and instructions.

Barbie Makeup Artist

Barbie Makeup toy gives girls chances for being makeup artist. You can paint your Barbie’s nails. There are chances to color Barbie’s cheek and lips. This was bound to be ’90s girls’ favorite. Wasn’t it?

Polly Pocket Polly Doll

’90s girls’ nostalgia is incomplete without Polly Pocket Polly Doll.  ’90s girls would love to have this gift on Christmas. There is total 3 polly dolls with different outfit. You can wear your polly pocket easily around your waist.

Joyin Toy Gigantic Piano

Joyin Toy Gigantic Piano is colorful, dancing mat. ’90s girls wouldn’t leave a chance to have this Christmas gift. This gigantic piano has 71-24 keys.

 Also, Joyin Toy Gigantic Piano has 8 instrument sounds. An awesome Christmas gift for ’90s kiddos.

Furby Furblings

Furby Furbling is a classic toy for ’90s girls. This rainbow colored furblings was on top priority on Christmas. This little, cute, furby creature is an amazing toy. Who doesn’t want this cute toy?

Spirograph Deluxe Design Set

There’s no better toy to enhance artistic sense than Spirograph. This 45-piece deluxe set contains 19 wheels. Also, it has 2 rings, 3 pens, design papers and others. Any child over 8 years can easily use this.

Barbie Beach Cruiser and Ken Doll

Barbie Beach Cruiser – an awesome gift to ask for Christmas. Ken and Barbie on a cruiser are perfectly dressed. Any child can play with this toy. Another awesome favorite toy of ’90s girls.


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